Win 10 hangs on startup

Select the Internet key christian book distributors gift card and go to its right side pane.
So I finally figured out the solution: I removed all JRE installations in my C:Program Files and C:Program Files(x86) folders.
Finally close the Registry Editor and make a rebooting to check if the problem is resolved.
Tried all the above options, nothing worked.I have setup the Google Chrome as the default browser in Windows 10 setting app on my Surface Pro.I have had this issue with Management studio 2008 R2, 20If I drag the management studio screen across to my 2nd display, and then close it down, when I open it again, it opens on the 2nd display.Or you can type regedit in Start menu and select it from results.A few people have reported that the MSN Page launches on Startup of Windows 10 in Chrome via the m/en-in/ URL.
It remains unresposive, waiting for the dialog that can't be found.

Navigate to the tree key location in the left side.I have tried ctrl-alt-tab and ctrl-alt-esc to find it but to no avail.Unfortunately, the connect to server dialogue box is hidden from view and the main screen remains out of focus.However, after I power up or restart the tablet and then log into the system, it pops up a dialog box asking How do you want open this?This is what I would expect.EnableActiveProbing string with REG_dword type, and double click.Hope it helpful if you dont want to see the MSN home page in the morning.Installed a new JDK 7 package, copied the fullpath of JDK7bin folder and appended it at the end of the "Path" variable found under 'Environment variables' of my Windows.I have a dual screen set-up.The only way I can sort it is to kill off the process.
It seems something has added the related link into command line of the default browser shortcut and that causes the problem.