Who would win freddy or jason

That would be MY version of the story.
Of course all of this makes national headlines.It has been years since the camp site has been closed down after the murders and it has been very quiet.Jason my way, first off, the title would not be Freddy.The conservative 9-5 works and sunday mourning church goers at Crystal Lake just want to did usa win last night leave well enough alone.He describes this man who is more of a monster with knives for fingers.That to me is a perfect combination of both franchises.Jason then walks toward Freddy who swings the glove at Jason, damart voucher codes 2018 but Jason just takes the hit and then takes a slice out of Freddys chest with the machete.Unknowing deals on black friday online to them that being from Springwood, Freddy can still follow them in their dream.Eventually Freddy gets lost in the woods, and Jason Voorhees walks up behind from out of bushes, and slices Freddys head clear off of his sholders.Freddy talks to people he encounters and asks them if they.Since the school year is now over, Jeromy and Jessica decided to get the hell out of Springwoon on a road trip.Jeromy says look and points to a sign.
Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, here in the Scribblenauts Unlimited object editor!

My exclusive Neca Freddy Krueger with Robert Englund likeness and McFarlane Toys Movi.It is just the two love birds together.Police investigate their disappearances and find that they have all been murdered.It's time to move.Then people in their junior high school class start to disappear one by one.The sign reads, Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake.

Revealing how I pulled off certain shots in the video.
Lets face it, when it comes to brute strength, Freddy doesnt hold a candle to Jason.
I didn't want to keep showing the same stuff in this video, so I just had fun with.