Who will win qld election

Farmers AND producers I have traveled to most of South Australias country regions meeting with farmers and producers, from fruit and vegetable, livestock and dairy farmers.
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Two party budget car rental codes coupons preferred Election Jul 2 2016 9/ 30 Nov/ 14/ 1/ 15/ 5/ Coalition.Ml Says it all, please read and share THE 2010 march election exposed over 77,000 names missing OF THE electoral roll 17,500 missing postal votes, 6,500 postal applications were dodgy, some declared institutions like nursing homes AND hospitals were denied service, people denied ballot papers.Affordable housing Having grown up in a housing trust area, I know all too well, the benefits of secure and affordable housing, and have studied those who fought to provide for these services in the past.I have worded a treaty based on the handover of the land held by the common wealth in the queens name, to help fund their future needs and services to secure self-determination of their people.Latest article 2013 referendum to recognize local councils; Our constitution was created by open and honest debate, by representatives that has our nations best interests at heart, the looming referendum is being sold by those who do not hold those same values let alone allowing any equitable.
The restoration of registration labels.

Fight to reduce local red-tape by the abolishment of payroll and land tax, to stimulate the economy, as well as reigning in council bi-laws.If you believe an older article needs updating, or that I am miss-informed, please feel free to write to me and lets debate the topic, WHY would YOU reward mark aldridge with your precious vote?Per cent uncommitted excluded In the state election to be held this Saturday, which one of the following are you most likely to vote for?Live export, low to no kill ideals in Animal Shelters, even Rescue groups and Sanctuaries are not being supported in an appropriate manner.In Enfield, Parafield, Salisbury, Lights-view and Gawler.Seats changing hands edit Seat Pre-1961 Swing Post-1961 Party Member Margin Margin Member Party Bowman, Qld Liberal Malcolm McColm.1.0.9 Jack Comber Labor Canning, WA Country Leonard Hamilton N/A.7.7 Neil McNeill Liberal Capricornia, Qld Liberal Henry Pearce.7.7.0 George.The Greens.4 7 7 9 Katter Australian Party.9 3 4 3 One Nation.I am a compassionate man, and believe we have the ability to help those in need, but not at the expense of every Australians futures, with over 100,000 Aussies living on the streets, and our elderly having trouble making ends meet, we must staples dividends rewards lower immigration.I have held rallies and spoken at many protests, as well as lobbied the government for years demanding the abolishment of critical waiting lists and to improve services across the board, only to watch the issues increase, with your support, I will be a very.

I also work on fund raisers for a variety of important causes all year every year, and enjoy every moment.
If elected I will work with councils to expand across the state, and use my voice to call for reforms to support the creation of an export market and to improve checks and balances to cover the grocery giants, labeling issues and shelving allocation.
I have worked with investigators and TV exposes to show clearly the many issues revolving around water, from illegal access, missing government sites and promises, to the deterioration of our underground supplies.