Wacky gift exchange ideas

wacky gift exchange ideas

16.20 Handerpants Underwear Gloves These gloves are made to resemble underpants, and more specifically tighty whiteys, so they keep your hands warm and whisk away moisture from your palms.
It may be in high demand or it may get avoided.
Irreverent fun for the foul mouthed, this card game challenges each player to come up with the funniest response to the black card prompt may the best card win.
Game ends when all the gifts are unwrapped.But general rule of thumb, the more complicated the game the less people.Gag gifts are always a big hit, but theres also nothing wrong with bringing a nice item that people actually want.Theres a spot for spatulas, and a pocket for a water bottle sprayer, too.Fire in the Hole cologne, thats what!His body is made of stuffed tacos, so crammed in fact that his little legs can barely take the weight.This post contains affiliate links to products for your convenience.The cigarettes are placed into the top of the donkey all at once, and then come out of his butt one at a time.
She measures over six inches tall, and actually bears a pretty good likeness of Queen Elizabeth, for being a cheap plastic doll.

8 Musical Gifts Prep : This game probably works best with smaller (20 or less) groups of people.10.49 Dog Butt Magnet Set This magnet set features an assortment of dog butts, including a fire hydrant so you complete the theme.Paper cups might not seem like the most inspiring of gifts, but printed with 12 male and 12 female photorealistic noses, these cups will have people snorting win american idol tickets with laughter.These super cool sunnies feature the pixelated design that is all over the internet right now, and as they come with UV 400 protection, even the glare off this white elephant gift wont phase the wearer.Its the same game everyone plays at their holiday party every year.They look cool, but they are a gift that doesnt really serve a purpose, and probably not something youd wear every day all year long as part of your wardrobe.Social Shower Curtain, this may not be appropriate for all groups, but its great for the techie/geeky set.Get full rules, instructions, and a printable game sheet here.For example, if they roll a 6 everyone would pass the gift to the right, roll an 8 and everyone passes to the left.5.84, grill Sergeant BBQ Apron, this apron is great for the self-described grill sergeant, and includes everything they need to master the grill.
Red Cup Shots, these red shot cups resemble the red Solo cups common at keg parties and get togethers.
Instead of just deciding whether or choose a gift or steal someone elses, you pick a random card instead.

He stands four and a half inches, and has a base so you can stick him right to the dashboard.
44.99 Flask with a Built-in Collapsible Shot Glass When you need a little Dutch courage, but cant face drinking from the bottle, this hip flask is hard to beat.