Vodafone cz voucher

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Via internet banking of selected banks (SOB, Potovní spoitelna, Komerní banka, Moneta Money Bank, UniCredit Bank).The same message can also be sent to any other phone number.Recharging through Voice Self Care from your own telephone.Dobít v aplikaci, platby jsou zabezpeeny pomocí certifikovanch karetních asociací Visa/MasterCard.You can buy the recharge coupons in the values of 200, 500 and 1,200 CZK : From any Vodafone store From the retail networks as of Albert From tobacconists and newsstands From most branches of Czech Post From most gas stations Or you can order.

An SMS confirmation message will always be sent to the recharged mobile.Staí si v aplikaci Mj Vodafone dobít alespo 250 K a zaplatit kartou.Confirm by clicking at, top.O2 line: *11, toll-free number for domestic calls from the O2 network (420).DPH je útováno a v moment vyuití slueb (volání, SMS, data) Vodafone.You cannot recharge the Vodafone card with a coupon purchased at a Vodafone subsidiary abroad - only a coupon purchased in the CR applies.How will the recharge be performed when done abroad?Await the confirmation of the successful recharge.Under the protective coating, you will find a twelve-digit recharge number you can then enter in one of the methods described below.
You can top your credit up in a number of ways: With a credit card via the internet at an amount from 200 up to 5000 CZK.
Alternatively, you can buy recharge vouchers at any post office.

When attempting recharging over this limit, the transaction will not be performed.