Triple a discount monterey bay aquarium

Youll find so much to see and do as this place is huge.
Things to do in Monterey, as California day trips go, the Monterey Bay area is one of my favorites (with or without a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium).Most of the day trips available take you by coach along the Coast Highway, through Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz to Monterey.I'll be going there later in the year and have been looking into the same topic.Freebie: You can download a, free Audio Tour of the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, starting just outside the Aquarium, available on the Monterey Aquarium website.You can also save by parking your car further out and taking the free wave visitor trolley to the aquarium.

To avoid crowds, plan a visit for later in the day.The Open Sea, the aquarium's largest exhibit, explores the open ocean; visitors standing in front of a 90-foot window will see tuna and sharks speeding past, sardines swarming in huge, glittering schools and sea turtles swimming lazily.heres my roundup of the things most people want to do when they visit the area, starting with the big kahuna, the aquarium.The City of Monterey Smart Parking website offers tons of info on parking options, public transportation and RV parking. .If you also want discounted tickets for those going with you, trate by purchase tickets through a military base.But thats not all there is to do in Californias most popular central coast city.Don't forget the outdoor tide pools, where you can observe crustaceans and other animals that have adapted to a specialized environment characterized by constant fluctuations in currents, water temperature and salinity as well as the dangers of exposure birthday gifts for law students during low tide.The Splash Zone Penguins galleries depict a coral reef as well as reef and rocky shore habitats.The impressive features include a three-story living kelp forest, a walk-through aviary inhabited by shore birds and an indoor/outdoor coastal stream habitat.Home school families (up to 10 people) can get in free once per school year with this popular program.AAA Discount: California AAA members can get a small discount on Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets at their local Northern California AAA office.
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Here's the best that I've got so far (though, I'll be on the lookout for deals up to the last minute!).