The gift of sight program

My mom is retired and has been living without vision coverage for some time.
As her daughter, I want to change that and help her afford the eye care service that she needs.
We ask for your support in our organization's efforts to provide the "gift of sight" to those in need of vision.
These medical volunteers fit an estimated 400 children with glasses every year.The Gift of Sight, we at Westfield Eye Center would like to provide the surgery and education needed for those patients who have lost or are losing their sight due to a treatable cause.This care has literally transformed the lives of people who live in an area where a single doctor viralstyle coupon code 2018 used to make one annual visit to an area that is home to 50,000 people.Oh yeah, can't forget my pit, Harley!The gift of sight is amazing anywhere.The Gift of Sight Appeal was established with the aim of funding world-class research into the prevention and treatment of blindness. And, one size doesnt need to fit all, since these VSP Individual Vision Plans are available to suit various levels of eye care needs.Details of our most recent research papers can be found here.Every year I lead a team of volunteers to Ethiopia to perform dozens of surgical procedures that very literally change lives.An example of success is the record of work in Lascahobas, Haiti.This is a sponsored post but all the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Plus, plans start as low as 17/month, so it is affordable for me, as well!I am an Opthamologist and eye surgeon at Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute in the Tri-Cities, Washington.#ktotteam for 3 years.The Gift of Sight focuses primarily on patients in need of cataract surgery and glasses.The Gift of Sight's medical team has screened more than 12,000 patients, dispensed over 6,500 pairs of eyeglasses, and performed hundreds of cataract extractions.With the largest independent doctor network over 33,000 doctors nationwide!Individual Vision Plan from VSP?With your support we aim to ensure vision into the future for those who are suffering today.Very Simple To Use!

They will find the perfect pair for their style and budget.
Westfield,.D., an ophthalmologist in Las Vegas, has been a pioneer in the field for over 30 years.
Think of the savings.