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Literature Little House on the Prairie.
The next movie Walt made starring Hayley Mills, an adaptation of the book Lottie and Lisa, received a name that sounded more gender-neutral than that or Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, and earned a much larger te Lottie and Lisa themselves underwent an Adaptation Name Change.
By the 2010s, IWA was on its death bead and WWC lost interest in its women's belt, so women's wrestling was only regularly seen in indie companies like EWO and CWS.Madusa was so ready to get women's wrestling back on TV she agreed to drop the WWF's how many oscars did toy story win hunk of plastic and metal into a garbage can, even though she really didn't want to disgrace their title belt.IWA's first women's champion Amazona meanwhile had already knocked off the violently insane Moxley Mox for their hardcore title.One of the reasons that the Super Best Friends Forever shorts weren't turned into a full series was because Cartoon Network already had a cartoon starring girls.Till then she was better known for her work in Garbage Wrestler fed Big Japan and was usually brought into Mexico when cmll happened to book joshis, but this ended up working in her favor, as she turned out to excel in cmll's largely gimmick.It's fairly popular for its depiction of child soldiers and its characters.Even BioWare seems to acknowledge FemShep as the preferred version of the character.She-Ra: Princess of Power is an interesting case.Catra was portrayed as the Big Bad in the toyline while in the show, she was a subordinate to Hordak, who had previously been sold as a Masters of the Universe toy, and was portrayed as the show's Big Bad.A lot of women watch Spike.Hasbro released a statement that they wanted to avoid spoiling the film, which detractors found ridiculous, wondering how in the world her inclusion could spoil anything.After Wendi Richter 's banishment a single match ending in under two minutes was all the second event had to offer with the next eight events having no women wrestling at all, followed by another eight events that alternated between nothing and short underwhelming matches.Mean Girls got good reviews and a sizable male fandom.PriPara in particular was the go-to game among its target and Periphery Demographic.And even more, the vast majority of the main cast is female (eight females - five males, depending on how you count "major" characters).Rowling was told to use initials by her publisher, who worried about this trope.

This helped draw in both male and female viewers, judging from the crowd reaction to the match at the first WrestleMania.Towards the fifth season of Charmed, the producers, in the hopes of drawing select laundry biz coupon code in more male viewers, started dressing the female leads in more revealing clothes and coming up with various episodes where the sisters would be transformed into magical creatures that would require.In a subversion, some geek blogs pointed out that unlike, say, the Marvel movies; there was a decent amount of Rey merchandise out there it was hard to find not because of low supply but because of high demand.And then while the show gained more female viewers, it began to slip with boys.The exception to the rule was El Toreo de Naucalpan based Lucha Libre Internacional, which had the UWA sanctioned world women's and world women's tag belts, but they may have been the exception that proved the rule since these belts were increasingly defended outside.Eventually Hasbro announced that a version of the game with a Rey token would be produced sometime in 2016.In the wake of the cancellations of Young Justice and other shows, Paul Dini was on Kevin Smith 's podcast and revealed that Cartoon Network cancelled them since too many girls watched and girls don't buy action figures.Marvel Cinematic Universe : Black Widow made herself known to moviegoers by becoming the first female member of The Avengers, but has yet to star in her own picture.Music Taylor Swift has been fighting a massive uphill battle to break out of this mold.
Series creator Stephen Holman stated that he wanted to make a show with a "tough little girl" character as there weren't enough of them leading in cartoons at the time the show was in it's early stages of production.

The Animated Adaptation of Carmen Sandiego, Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, features a Brother-Sister Team (with more emphasis on Action Girl Ivy instead of her younger brother Zach) on top of the titular female character being the series mascot but is a very well-liked.
Final Fantasy is not specifically aimed at women, but is one of the few mainstream game franchises from the 90s and 00s that was interested in acknowledging its female fans, and often caters to Female Gaze.
Gun Nac got hit with this hard in its US localization.