Six flags platinum flash pass discount

But if winding through rat-like mazes of wall-to-wall people, striking up conversations with random strangers to chicos promo codes may 2017 pass the time or wearing down your phone battery playing Tetris isn't your cup of tea, take heart.
The locker bank outside each big ride gives two hours of time for your money, and without the pass, guests will have to keep renting new lockers as they.
You don't have to always suck it up and wait at Six Flags parks when you can move to the head of the line for a fee.
My plan of attack was exactly the same as it was near Atlanta: See how much I could squeeze in within four or five hours using the Gold pass.A little over a week later, I hit Six Flags Magic Mountain, north of Los Angeles.Better yet, park near a bus stop outside the park and ride public transit right to the front gate.If you show up on a day when the park is packed, it would be impossible to pull that off without The Flash Pass.The danger with this strategy is that the park has a limited supply of Q-Bots and could sell out of them, especially in the middle of a busy day.The upside is that you will be guaranteed passes, even if you show up later in the day.Platinum pass holders also get wristbands which entitle them to a second discount member lifecare kohl's perks ride on select attractions.But like I said, I couldn't get a pass.Often, I spent more time walking between attractions than I did waiting for them.I got about 14 rides out of it,.21 per ride on top of my ticket price.At popular parks with huge crowds, lots of major rides, and exceptionally long lines, the cost is higher than at less popular parks.A Six Flags employee will hold your Q-Bot next to a sensor to confirm that it is time to ride and allow you to enter the bypass line.Even though Six Flags Over Georgia was going to be open for 12 hours on the day I went, I had intended to spend only about six hours there, so my Flash Pass was going to be put to the test.Nothing keeps crowds away and lines short more than crummy weather.But other, wait-intensive rides, such as Goliath, Superman Ultimate Flight, and the newly renovated Monster Mansion, were welcome targets.
Lo-Q, allow you select your next ride using a little black-and-white screen.

That's right: Only the little people wait in line anymore.The Flash Pass Tips Wait until you get into the park and see some of the posted wait times before you decide whether to spend the extra money for the passes.(The major exception is New York's.Avoid weekends, go early or late in the season, or otherwise try to zag when everybody else is zigging.By suffering a computer meltdown, Six Flags Magic Mountain inadvertently forced me to discover that for many guests, buying a Flash Pass there is unnecessary, particularly midweek.You can often ride whatever you want in four or five hours - I got eight rides in three hours, with plenty of dawdling - and if you endure the standard wait on X2 and Terminator Salvation (my advice is doing one of them.If the anticipated wait were one hour to ride a coaster, your reservation time would be in one hour.Keep in mind that the cost for The Flash Pass is over and above the regular cost of park admission. .
A few other Six Flags parks impose other rules on their passes, although none are as harsh as the ones at Magic Mountain.

It used to be that park visitors had to just suck it up and deal with lines.