Ruger m77 all weather 300 win mag

This rifle has a Timney trigger installed at a crisp two and a half pounds.
Value will depends on condition.
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Is your primary objective recoil reduction, blast reduction, or a combination?We can't tell without the serial number- but if you go to the Ruger website, under Customer Service, you can see the year of manufacture for serial numbers.Similar Options, accessories, m77 Hawkeye All Weather.308 Win, Ruger part number 7123.Expierment with how to win at model un with diferent chargesI had the best luck with 75gn.Suggest you check with a local firearms dealer to evaluate your Ruger.If your barrel is marked.300 Savage then you can shoot.300 Savage ammunition by any manufacturer.A Sears Model 300 Winchester Mag rifle could actually be worthseveral thousand dollars.One could shoot a heavier.30 caliber that had a higher cincinnati beer fest coupon code ballistic coefficient, but as the weight of the bullet goes up so does the recoil.How much of the finish is present?I have mine dialed in at 200 yrds.If you need assistance locating a dealer to have your firearm shipped to, please contact us or enter your zip code at the.Availability: Out of Stock, pricing and Payment Methods, arizona residents are subject.6 sales tax.
The discount tile burnaby value of any firearm is heavily dependant on the condition.

You may also want to qualify the term "mint condition".Example: a 7mm 175 grain sierra spitzer boat tail (spbt) has a ballistic coefficient of 654.308 caliber 180 grain spitzer boat tail has a ballistic coefficient of 535.400, more or less, depending on condition.List price about 570, used price depends on condition, 100 pct 460, 98 pct 345, 95 pct 270 etc.7mm shoots.284" dia.Depends on finish, barrel, condition- ranges from about 225 for a well used specimen to about 475 for a new-in-box.M, categories, hobbies Collectibles, firearms,.Bring it to a professional gun broker and have it priced.Seat the bullet out to about five thou.NAssuming that it is in excellent condition in the range of 400 to 450.Firearms in mint condition will be unfired, in the box with all factory accessories, and have absolutely no blemishes.
You will have to define what you mean by "best".

Ruger RUG M77 HE BA 308 SS SYN.
The ballistic advantage of the 7mm bullet continues to make gains on the.308 cal bullet out past 1000 yds.
The Ruger website shows that serial number range to be late 1974 to early 1975.