Reward for memorizing the quran

reward for memorizing the quran

There was one other secret to Ahmeds success.
It is also necessary that this repetition is done melodiously a nd this is so that a person follows the Sunnah firstly and that it the memorisat ion is made firm and strong secondly.
Rather he should test his memorisation by reciting the verses or surah in quest ion to somebody else, or he should recite them by following the mushaf.This occurs by repeating thes e verses frequently and reciting them often.This is sign that t he verses are firmly established in the mind.As a man is known by the company he keeps, choosing a friend who can encourage you to memorize Quran or recite it with you is very important.It is not permissible to oppose this command due to the saying of the Messenger (sas "Whoever does not beautify the Quran ( recite it melodiously) he is not." Bukhaaree.For this reason making others listen to his recitation 3 amigos gifts of what he has memorised from the Quran is a means of perceiving and knowing these errors and being constantly awa re of them.Also for obtaining those mighty rewards which are reserved for those who recited the Quran and memorised.The Fifth Rule: Memorise Using the Same Copy (Mushaf) of the Quran.Furhtermore, the one who des ires to memorise may not realise by himself at which place he makes an error in his recitation despite the fact that he may be reciting from a mushaf.
We have so little royal mail promo code 2017 Quran memorised that theres no fun or enjoyment in the challenge of waking up for Tahajjud, and we often find even the fard prayers a chore instead of a pleasure.
The Spiritual Secrets Of Successful Memorisation.

Helpful tips for Quran memorization should be taken into consideration: 1, performing ablution before starting Quran memorization.Quran Memorization Tip 6: Keep Track Of Your Goal.A number of verses for example, perhaps a page or two pages or even an eighth of a juz (one thirtieth of the Quran).Rather the repetition of these verses should be the foun dation.4, be careful, o Muslim, from vanity because of your memorization of Quran, your good memory, or your beautiful recitation.Th is is because a person memorises using the sight just as he memorises using the hearing.His friend was an engineering student, who was a Fresher about to embark on a 5 year degree.It is preferred to memorize Quran with Sheikh or someone who can read The Quran by the Intonation and Orthography to teach you reading and memorizing it in a proper way.You have to repeat the verses more than once and it will be better if you write them down to confirm the memorization in the mind.
Furthermore, the tongue will always ret urn to a specific tone (of voice) and as a result of this it will become familia r with any mistake whenever the balance in ones recitation and familiar tone bec omes disordered or imbalanced.