Peoplesgas com residential rebates

Customers may elect to receive a rebate check or have rebate made payable to the appliance dealer or plumbing contractor and have their contractor bill reduced by that amount.
Customer is eligible for shadow of war sweepstakes one tune up rebate per unit every 7 calendar years dating back to October 28, 2009.Tankless Water Heater, all Categories, rebate 2,500, tank Water Heater.Note:"s, Proposals or Invoices showing a balance due will not be accepted.Customers must have an active Peoples Gas Meter to qualify for any rebate.Available Commercial Electric to Natural Gas Replacement Rebates for qualified businesses include: How to use these tables: (1) Find the appliance you are installing.Before you begin, please review the Requirements tab and have an electronic copy or scan of the following items saved to your computer: Proof of Purchase a paid, clear legible copy of your itemized purchase receipt including: purchase price per appliance, date of purchase, quantity.Choose the applicable rebate: Once you submit the application, you will receive an enrollment/confirmation number that you can use to access your application.Home Energy Jumpstart program, get energy-saving products installed in your home for free.All applications and accompanying worksheets will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility.Rebates are available for Peoples Gas customers only.In order to qualify for the Electric to Natural Gas (EtoG) Replacement Rebates, Peoples Gas customers must replace their existing electric appliances with a new commercial grade natural gas appliance.Used, leased or refurbished equipment does not qualify.
As a security precaution, the online application form will "time out" after sitting idle for an extended period of time.

Be sure to write down and save the enrollment/confirmation number.Rebates and incentives - Contact.Residential, home Energy Rebate program, earn rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment in existing homes.Electric Resistance Replacement Program.Cleaning Services Laundromat, defined as commercial establishments primarily engaged in operating mechanical laundries with steam or other power and engaged in supplying laundered or dry cleaned clothing on a contract or fee basis.Did you know that you may collect up to 50 from your energy provided just by having an hvac professional install a programmable thermostat?
Small Business program, get free on-site energy assessments, free energy-saving products and rebates for installing energy-efficient equipment at your small business.
If you are installing more than 3 appliances, attach additional worksheets showing the appliance information.

Get engineering services to identify opportunities that provide significant natural gas savings with low implementation costs.
Don't wait another minute, book your a/c Tune up* on your existing hvac system.