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Ryo's Record 5 (15 points Beat Ryo's Record within React Team Sessions at Drift at Tokyo Dockyard II in Career.
Awarded for beating the heritage florist & gifts Showdown King in Career.
Blueprint Master (25 points Awarded when your Blueprint has been shared 25 times.
Career Domination (125 points Dominated Career.Free Repair Markers Enter into any Street King Tiers event.Add 10,000 in career mode plus Bonus Cars.Bonus Collector's Edition cars Enter " collectorsed " as a code in the Collector's Edition to unlock the Acura Integra, Acura NSX, Audi RS4, Lexus IS350, and Pontiac Solstice GXP.Energizer Lithium Dodge Viper SRT10 and Vinyl.Remember, you need a lot of speed and traction.From the career menu, select code entry.Enter w2iollo1 " as a code to get an extra 4,000 in Career mode.Enter cashmoney " or " 1Mi9K7E1 " as a code to get an extra 10,000 in Career mode.Unlock Energizer Lithium vinyl, leipzig, disable the unlockallthings code.Use a "Free Car Marker" for this car, if available.Beat Showdown 3 (25 points Awarded for beating Showdown 3 in Career.Speed King (25 points Defeat the Speed King.2008 Speaker Discussion: Charting the Future of Interactive Entertainment 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 4 11th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards - Part 3 Need for Speed ProStreet Official Movie 16 Get more Need for Speed ProStreet news at GameSpot.Extra money, enter " 1MA9X99 " as a code to get an extra 2,000 in Career mode.
Also, using some codes may reset the performance of cars that have previously been improved.

FAQ/Walkthrough (PC) Features: FAQ/Walkthrough.0.These are one-time use codes; they cannot be used again.Note: Bring lots of Total Markers to Race Day.Awarded for beating the Drift King in Career.Manual Transmission (10 points Won 5 times in a non-Drag event using Manual Transmission.Ryo's Record 10 (15 points Beat Ryo's Record within Super Promotion at Speed Challenge at Nevada Highway II in Career.Enter zerozerozero " as a code to unlock the Coke Zero Volkswagen Golf GTI and Vinyl in Career mode.K N Vinyl Enter " worldslongestlasting " as a code to unlock the K N Vinyl.Keep on Wheelin' (5 points Wheelie 50 or more feet in a Wheelie Competition.

Best Blueprint (50 points Your Blueprint is used by a player in the Top 100 on any weekly Freestyle Race Day leaderboard.
Drift: BMW Z4 M Coupe.
Enter the " unlockallthings " code again.