M&m candy gift ideas

m&m candy gift ideas

I find it easier to cut nice straight strips using a ruler and an X-Acto knife instead of scissors. .
Draw the heart shapes on the front of the card using a pencil (draw lightly as you will need to erase any pencil marks that remains after cutting). .
Heres a quick tip, moisten your fingers or the end of the strip of paper to help start the coil. .To give you some ideas for Valentines day cards, I'm going to provide 10 creative options to make a memorable Valentine's Day card that will be a keepsake, long after Valentine's Day passes.It was amazing to watch this!Hershey kisses and Sweet Hearts are probably the most common chocolate to attach to a card, but there are other candies that are just as good. . You can use a permanent marker to draw on the wax paper.More Fun Gift Ideas for You!Its very elegant, creative and simple to make! .Glue them in place. .Homemade Survival Kit Easy DIY Phone Speaker athletic greens coupon code DIY Painted Mason Jars Hair Clips in a Jar!The gum lovers dream come true!You can cut a hole and color inside the hole, or cut a shape and color around the shape.Cinnamon Spice Cake Mix Cookies in a Jar.

When the glue dries, embellish the card by drawing in the stems, gluing paper cut outs, or adding ribbon.You can also be creative by using custom patterned paper from an art store such as Michaels. .Pamper Yourself Gifts in a Jar! You can be very creative with the way you color inside or around your stencil. .You can decorate your card behind the mirror in a number of ways, such as putting sentimental photos, some patterned paper, or even some meaningful words. .Dont worry about using green or colored dishwashing liquid. .