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Rugby players are bigger than ever.
And this link shows just what it takes to train and eat like a professional rugby player.It details metres covered, average heart rate, and much more besides.Average protein intake per day 55g, average male 220-300g, average rugby player, but it's not all about protein.Wales' first choice winger, George North, comes in at bloomingdales gift baskets 17st - a full five stones heavier than his 1978 predecessors.Better conditioning and the need to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time has the end result of producing much bigger players.
Concussion has been a hot topic in rugby, with Wales wing North at the centre of the debate after a series of knock-out blows on duty for both Wales and English side Northampton.

The numbers suggest that is the case.Today's New Zealand team are a lot different to their predecessors Bigger men, bigger collisions Natural laws of physics dictate that if you have bigger players, therell be bigger collisions on the field and, as a result, a higher injury rate.Wales captain Phil Bennett cuts a very different figure from the finely tuned - and much bigger - athletes of the modern game (Image: Media Wales Ltd) Wales players get their data analysed in both training and matches (Image: Huw Evans Picture Agency) Inside the.Corn on the cob (carbs and nutrients for health).At outside half, Dan Biggar is more than three stones heavier than Phil Bennett was.Wales were struck down by injuries at the last World Cup The extraordinary physique of Sam Warburton, on show during the British Lions test series of 2013 (Image: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) Bigger and stronger players have pushed the game into an even more physical era.Wales' pre-match meal favourites.For example, if Wales are kicking off at 2pm on a Saturday, their Friday meals will be more carbohydrate-based such as meat paella, spaghetti bolognese, fruit crumbles and fruit platters.Large salad table, turkey and cranberry burgers in wholemeal rolls (carbs and protein).In 2014, it was 104kg, or 16st 3lbs).Thats a lot of steak!

A 20 increase in player height equates to a 44 increase in strength and overall, a 73 increase in the size of the overall impact.
As Wales 2015 World Cup injury woes showed, the modern day player now has to accept time on the sidelines as a part of his occupation.