How to win arcade claw machine

What do I do if it has two big prongs instead of three or four?
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The claw sometimes automatically goes down after time has gone up, but sometimes it goes back over the drop area, so make non traditional mothers day gifts sure you are perfectly over the item you want and press the button to lower the claw.It was a gambling machine (you could win win american idol tickets a prize it was skill machine, it was a vending machine (frequently the prize was intermingled with peanuts or candy and it was highly attractive.If it is a stuffed animal (or anything else) with a large tag, try grabbing the tag, or hooking one of the claws through.Satisfaction was assured by always giving a player some candy.When you manage to pick up an item, on the way to the prize chute, the claw will swing back and forth.It combined all of the best features of a coin-op machine into one machine.Don't test it earlier, or the "game" will be over.Question What should I do if the claw has a weak grasp?Question What if the machine is going up and then drops the toy when it reaches the top?This might rotate the claw on its way down, causing you to miss your basketball.The player then puts a nickel in the slot, which starts the machine.Once you have the item you want, move the claw over to the dispense hole; it may even move on its own.The digger reached the height of its popularity during the 1930's.If you do aim for a low prize, make sure it's a newer claw and it's near the drop box.It also features a desirable Skill Knob feature: Twist the dial to position the claw In-and-Out.Make sure the claw closes all the way or you won't win anything.
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It's usually 10 - meaning that every 10 tries the claw will be stronger than usual.This will help you with your strategy later!3, enlist the help of a friend.Hopefully the manager will switch out the prizes for smaller ones.Don't jerk on the controller that controls the claw.If you have 15 seconds, spend the first 10 seconds maneuvering, then the last 5 checking all sides of the machine to make sure you're positioned well enough for a grab (if you are doing this on your own).The claws are made of stainless steel; there are light fixtures usually built into the machine so that the light reflects off the claw giving the impression that there is grease on the claw.Tips If possible, aim for items closer to the drop box section.Previous Sold Items The following items are not long available Send an email to: if you want to be notified if another becomes available: Chicago Coin Steam Shovel.
If the prong picks it up with ease but then drops it at the top, try going for the one closer to the chute.

7, insert the money and immediately start.