How to send liquor as a gift

Also, make sure your box isn't going to split open, and that it is sturdy but not too heavy, as this will impede the ease at which it is moved.
As long as you're not shipping large amounts of alcohol from one point to another, the punishment for getting caught is little more then you losing the bottle or bottles you are sending.
Plus, you can track it with FedEx/UPS, not usps.Many states have state-run liquor stores or are licensed to ship alcohol for you-each state has its own places, which can be found online.Money saving TIP: We will be happy to call your recipient and let them know a gift is on its way.FedEx and UPS don't ban it expressly, but they will definitely make it difficult for you if they think you are shipping.It is not legal to ship alcohol through what happens to my everyday rewards points the mail across state or national lines unless you have a license.The usps strictly bans the shipment of alcohol and will most likely confiscate your package if they suspect that's what you are shipping.That discount dry cleaners philadelphia said, there are a variety of ways to ship alcohol (both legal and illegal) that people regularly put into practice.

In order to acknowledge our customers abroad, m also carries international gift items while still guaranteeing the same quality service that comes with domestic products.With hundreds of available options, m sets itself apart through quality, consistency and innovation.M provides an exciting array of choices for everyone from the most discerning connoisseur to a beginning wine novice.With the holidays approaching, wine gift baskets for both men and women are in high demand.For the hard-to-shop-for person who seems to have everything, m provides solutions that will take care of every occasion.For a little extra money on top of shipping, you can have them send the alcohol and save yourself the personal trouble and fear of breaking the law and losing what you bought.Update: I don't know what people mean by "go to the distributor." My question is "WHO do I contact?" I need a place name and (hopefully) a link.

In other words, there is a risk in breaking the rules but not a criminal one.