How to send gifts on imvu with promo credits

Go to persons imvu webpage go were yew see her massages nd iht will say send massage click ring bearer keepsake gifts dhat den yew wright whatever yew want to say to her/him them iht well say send gift nd i thinks dhats how i tried to hel lol.
Best Answer: You need to buy "real credits" in order to send a gift; and to send gifts, press "Leave a message" then you'll get a new window where you write your message, and they should be two scrolling thingies, one that has the gift.
Its a win-win for everyone.
Want free imvu stuff?Related Post, the imvu Sex Theory, is imvu All About Sex? You cant get free imvu membership, but you can get gifts from anyone. Check out the methods in this article: #5. Beg people and friends to gift you.Did you find apk for android?
Tell people its your birthday.
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Join These Groups, this method is simple, honest, and pays off well because of one simple fact: there are developers who actually want to give you free stuff as long as you give their products good reviews afterwards.Source(s Bunnehlicious 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 2, thumbs down, comment, asker's rating).If we had the time, wed conduct a study out of a 100 people, how many people actually gifted.Just look at it this way, you get to have sex AND you get a gift. Advertise it on your profile as an exclusive gift badge, anyone who gifts you will receive the badge. We take zero responsibility for your actions.This method will make many people hate you, and youll probably get booted from most rooms. It doesnt hurt to say something like, Everyone forgot my birthday.Promise them an exclusive badge. When they check your profile, tell them you entered in the wrong date when making your account.