How to help hillary win

A Democratic strategist not involved in the partys primary but working on the presidential race said it was entertainment weekly coupon code tough to moana gifts for adults say whether Clintons victory could be attributed to the strength of the Reid machine.
And he has been unabashed about his desire to register as many Democrats as possible during the caucuses, which would help his party come November.
"I did what I thought was best for the state of Nevada and the country.
The loyalists are always aggravated, Bennett adds.With assistance from teleprompters, he has becomed more disciplined as a candidate, but he has yet to convince voters in swing states, where gift ideas for two contact number Clinton leads most polls, that he is fit to be president.Democratic strategist and pollster Celinda Lake noted that Trump has consistently trailed by about 12 points where Romney was among married women in 2012.After all, Clinton and Trump are the most unpopular nominees of any major party in memory.Theres no history to draw.Shes already a player on the Armed Services Committee."There is not an individual issue that she can address and that has a tremendous negative effect.Contact him at and on Twitter @EYokley.A month ago, when she led Trump by double digits in the polls, Clinton's odds of victory looked good.She slammed Trump's character and failure to release his tax returns.And then theres the black hole of her marriage, which will once again prove endlessly fascinating if not to the general public then to the media.
That helps Bernie.' Others say, 'If you have the hotels heavily involved, that favors Clinton.' Back and forth.
The November 9, 2016 email obtained by Fox News reportedly came from Eliana Murillo, the former Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google.

Trump's campaign has yet to show any real effort to improve his image among women, beyond his attempt to appear more moderate with his minority outreach to African-Americans.They tried to help Hillary but ended up helping Trump win!Theres not a lot of fluidity in how people feel about her.Hillary could survive a setback in Iowa, and maybe she can brush off Gores lingering hunger for the presidency.Addressing the trust deficit, clinton is certain to seize on any foreign policy or temperamental missteps by Trump to bolster her argument that her foe is a "loose cannon" who can't be trusted with America's nuclear arsenal.It was good for both candidates, and that was my concern.Ever the cheerleader for his home state, Reid signed off the news conference telling everybody assembled, "Glad you're in Nevada.Trump is also some 20 points behind his Democratic opponent among college-educated women, Lake said, compared to Romney and 2008 GOP presidential nominee John McCain, who were about 5 and 8 points behind, respectively."Yeah, I'm going to make an endorsement."If she can make this: 'I've got your back' argument compelling enough, she can chip away" at voter distrust.She could win this race comfortably with no positive message, but they should not mistake a comfortable win for a mandate.".
Nine days before the caucus, Catherine Cortez Masto the Democrat whom Reid has endorsed to replace him in the November election announced her support for Clinton.
"People just don't trust Hillary Clinton, and they don't trust her - not on the basis of one single thing - but on the basis of whole collections of things going back over 20 to 30 years said Democratic pollster Peter Hart, noting that voters.

Republicans hold caucuses Tuesday, but have typically seen fewer voters than Democrats.