How to divide prize money 1st 2nd 3rd

1st:.98 million 2nd:.188 million 3rd: 748,000 4th: 528,000 5th: 440,000 6th: 396,000 7th: 368,500 8th: 341,000 9th: 319,000 10th: 297,000 11th: 275,000 12th: 253,000 13th: 231,000 14th: 209,000 15th: 198,000 16th: 187,000 17th: 176,000 18th: 165,000 19th: 154,000 20th: 143,000 21st: 132,000 22nd.
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Open: 2,160,000 (Brooks Koepka) 1,296,000 804,023 563,642 469,460 416,263 375,278 336,106 304,188 how do you win lotto 279,403 254,981 235,757 219,677 202,751 188,243 176,153 166,481 156,809 147,137 137,464 129,122 120,780 112,680 105,184 98,655 93,094 88,862 85,114 81,487 77,860 74,233 70,606 66,979 63,715 61,055 58,395 55,856 53,438 51,020 48,602 46,184 43,766.Others choose to give a pity payout to the spend m&s vouchers online team with the lowest point total at the end of the season.So, let's say your total league prize pool was 1000 and you gave 100 for the Highest Regular Season Points and 25 for the longest touchdown for each QB, RB, and.Another option is a small payout for each game won, this keeps all teams interested even though they may not be in the running for the playoffs.The table below shows the number of payouts per teams in the league, along with the percentages that should be paid out based on what place the team finishes.It keeps it competitive for teams who didnt make the playoffs and it feels good to be guaranteed 210 for making the championship.
It should be given out to the different designers in the contest.
Some leagues have multiple divisions, so the winner of each division would receive a payout along with the champions/runner-ups in the playoffs.

Here are a few examples using dollar amounts: Payouts for an 8 Team League with a 50 entry free(400 total) 1st Place - 280 2nd Place - 120 Payouts for a 12 Team League with a 75 entry free(900 total) 1st Place - 540 2nd.I like this format and it was voted in at the beginning of the season.The purse breakdown for the top 50 is listed below, and those outside of the top 50 will gift store displays receive a payout ranging downward from 27,060.In my league (12 person 50 buy in) 1st place gets 300, 2nd place gets 210 and whoever has the most points scored overall, including playoffs, gets the remaining.This would leave you with 825 to distribute for the final payouts.They get a huge paycheck, too.Open, a five-year exemption for the PGA Tour and a five-year exemption for the Masters, PGA Championship and British Open.

I read that some designers are so excited after becoming the runners up, because it is a kind of recognition and the source of motivation, and a little sweetener to keep coming.
Below are the payouts for the top 50 finishers in the 2018.S.