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However, I have a 1" end mill that I've used and again, no issues.
Right away I could tell that my days of taking hours to turn pieces, that should take only minutes, were over.Who has 7500 for a 24" x 48" wood lathe?I also added a middle bracing piece that was also drilled and tapped into the one piece attached to that little 7" strip under the table.And that's completely different than a "real" DRO package (not putting down the iGaging type DRO system at all, but for a lack of better description, "real" is eat drink sf discount code what I'm going with).The angle on the side of the base is approximately 34 degrees (you won't find this on the website or anywhere in the manual, and this approximation is good enough for proper installation.At first I looked into the parts manual to see if it was possible to simply purchase a bed and single leg alone but of all of the parts one CAN purchase, those two are specifically unavailable.Features I like:.) The indexed teaching ministry gift spindle: This makes carving or routing on the lathe a breeze and it also helps tremendously when removing and switching between different types of chucks.Because I had to create those 34 degree standoffs, the read head had to actually be on the outside or away from the mill and away from the scale, in order to move freely and work properly (I attached it to the left side.I essentially had to create a "box" and the "arms" extending away from the table had to be long enough that when I finally attached the bracket that the read head would be attached to, that it had a correct amount of spacing to not.Even with these short comings the G0766 outperforms and "outprices" its competitors of similar size and power; this lathe is in NO WAY an amateur, hobby lathe, it packs serious punch and is not afraid to turn whatever you put.You don't need it down to minutes; take my word for.).Moral OF THE story: Get the G0704 that has the DRO already.It is rigid and has worked, but I was pretty frustrated and annoyed with how involved it became just to attach the Y axis, all because the base was angled.A few months ago I spoke with someone at Grizzly and asked if they were going to be producing an outboard turning and bed extension that will attach to the legs and bed, respectively, as they already have holes bored into the legs and ends.I haven't found that to be the case.

Yes and I would gladly pay the money.I will say that MY lathe did need some improvement and that the 3/8" bore was undersized, this forced me to machine the tailstock bore myself which I was not happy about as it caused me a tremendous amount of frustrations and missed work time.3.) Change the Tool Rest Locking Mechanism: Having a single screw though a tapped hole in the banjo to tighten and hold the tool rest into position is a feature I expect from smaller lathes such as a 12" x 36" or benchtop lathe but.This little bitty strip is just that.8.) Heavy Duty Steel Motor Lever: Having this rigid, sturdy beast of a lever to hoist the somewhat heavy motor upwards while changing pulleys is a great help and definitely helps make the process fast, easy and enjoyable.It has been a great accessory to have for longitudinal feed.It will cut anything you want, you just have to take lighter passes on harder metals.Where the issue lies is with the Y axis (front to back).It is possible, however, that Grizzly is not comfortable with this mechanism as it may push the lathe into a price point in which they feel they could not sell the lathe as easily, and I completely understand that, but for a lathe of this.Installing a scale and read head for the longitudinal feed is stupid easy.
And before you waste your time (I did.
In the year prior to my purchase I saw the G0766 in the 2015 catalog when it arrived at my house at the beginning of the year and I was ecstatic and the price and its size fueled a great deal of that excitement.

I feel that Grizzly is really missing out on an extremely important part of the machine market, which is upgrades, feature upgrades and options that expand the capabilities of their machines, specifically, in this case, the G0766.
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