Good gifts for rednecks

good gifts for rednecks

Add an antenna to a tin can to create a cell phone.
Be creative with the items included in the redneck briefcase.
Youll find over 500 hand-picked unique White Elephant gifts (under 10 / 25) presents that would make Santas elves cringe.
Make sure they have a good sense of humor and won't take offense to the gift.If youre tired of the boring usual gifts (i.e.Get a large box and place a decorative gift basket packaging dishcloth and towel in the box.Not Only Does the Redneck Plunger Plunge, It Also Makes nobel prize bloch Shotgun Sounds And Stands Upright Just Like A Normal Plunger!Top 10 Reasons You Need A Redneck Plunger 10)Your Crap Is Stuck In The Trap 9) Your Brown Wont Go Down 8) Ultimate Weapon Of Gas Destruction 7) If Your Stink Wont Sink 6) You Gotta Turd Stuck In The Herd 5) Your Poo Wont.Lay two Maxi Pads flat.Try something like, "We spared no expense with this gift, bend your knees when you lift.Instead of matches, you can also provide a more primitive flashlight by including two stones or sticks the redneck can strike or rub together to create fire and light.Putting together a few redneck gag gifts gets laughs at any celebration.Place matches in a bag and write flashlight on the outside.Include a message such as, "Jewelry is a girl's best friend.Dont miss your chance at being the talk of the party!Put balloons into bra pockets.
Provide a redneck flashlight.
Consider a few useful redneck items for inside the briefcase such as newspaper strips for toilet paper, a nail to serve as a toothpick and two tin cans and a string for a telephone.

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Using the straw, blow to desired size and tie to prevent air loss or shifting.THE POO IS thru!Consider the occasion and the recipient when designing your redneck gag gifts.Only the best for you.".Attach a message explaining the directions.Get two clear balloons and a drinking straw.We thought about a sports car or tropical cruise, but decided to give you something you could use.The Worlds Funniest Toilet Plunger!Fasten a note to the Maxi Pad slippers to say, "Keeps feet smelling fresh" or "Available in three sizes.".Surprise someone with the redneck boob job.