Good gifts for guys turning 18

I bough mine for myself when I was 19, and I've still got it 15 years later.
That didn't come to pass during that graduation.
Too many good suggestions to favorite one or two.
Schrade or Buck if you want classic, Kershaw or Spyderco for something more modern.Posted by adamrice at 3:49 PM on February 18, 2009 1 favorite Seconding the "experience" comments, when I finally made it to art school in my mid-twenties, my mom dr martens online discount code paid for my airfare and gave me 1k toward my tuition.I'd go the engraved fountain pen (or other engrave-able formal gift) route unless he really wants a trip somewhere, or there's something else very specific he's been wanting.My only advice: experiences are better than things posted by mpls2 at 3:15 PM on February 18, 2009 1 favorite, filson bags.So it's great for keeping him informed and his phone can stay in his pocket.

A nice one, a fountain pen, that he can use to write with.I think it would be best to ask him first so you have a clue of what he might like, here are a couple of good sites m/ m/ where you can find cool stuff, good dvds, music, or just a gift card for him.Posted by taff at 7:46 PM on February 18, 2009 Definitely pocket knife.Posted by SweetTeaAndABiscuit at 8:13 PM on February 18, 2009 My brother never owned a watch until he got one for graduation in 1996 from my parents.Posted by teamparka at 3:29 PM on February 18, 2009 1 favorite.That said, the other suggestions re: practical tools to do what interests him are great.He will get notificiation of e-mails, texts, calls, appointments on his calander and notifications from apps like facebook and twitter.
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