Gifts for people going on a cruise

Dabble in some culinary arts 'n' crafts with a chocolate-making lesson.
Living the "local" life, or just looking for cool things to do in NYC this weekend?
Feel like actually driving the horsepower-hungry stock car?
Gift credits can be used against any items featured within our gift collection as well as purchases made in the shops, florist, photo gallery, Oasis Spa, bars or shore excursions.So relish some l-o-v-e with unique things to do in NYC for a birthday like food tours or culinary classes!All of which sound like pretty phenomenal ways to spend a birthday.These exquisite outings typically feature boat rides with wine tastings, sushi, live music, hors doeuvres, craft beer, lobster, or dazzling sights and sunsets.If you're looking for fun things to do in NYC this weekend with family or friends, a comfortable float along the Hudson River is not to be missed!Unleash your inner tourist!Whether its football, basketball, baseball or beyond nothing beats a ball game with good company, cold beer, and tasty junk food (with zero calories when consumed on a birthday, right?).Try some trendy wining and dining!Before you know it, you'll be ready to race around the "Tricky Triangle" behind the wheel of a real stock car all by yourself!And for an absolutely exquisite ride, find one that allows for champagne on board as you soar over magnificent skyscrapers.Cloud 9 Living's array of New York activities wouldn't be complete without making the most of the Big Apple's enticing waters, beautiful skylines and stunning ships.Or shop around their retail selection to do your own freestyle arts n crafts.And it works wonders regardless of whether youre celebrating at a humble abode or heading out to a local venue.New York driving experiences give Manhattan attractions some friendly competition, serving as the perfect way for any racing fan to get an up-close and personal look at the NYC area's most renowned superspeedway neighbor the Pocono Raceway.And marquee sydney promo code guests can rent table space too, should birthday shenanigans be better off with a reserved spot to kick back.
Go to a Broadway show.
Gather up a bunch of festive, goofy or Pinterest-y props.

Kindly request friends or family to donate spare change or a few dollars to a cause of choice, in lieu of buying gifts.With H2O experience gifts in New York like these, it's easy to up the ante on any brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, date night or special occasion.Because its your birthday in New York, dangit.Upon redeeming your gift, Gift Vouchers must be relinquished.If a refund is required this will be done directly to the card used to make the original purchase.This timeless activity is the perfect birthday idea for NYC sports fanatics.Thunder around the "Tricky Triangle" at top speeds, experiencing the full potential of Sprint Cup Series stock cars on a ride along!Stroll along the city streets, sampling from popular Midtown or Downtown area foot carts and trucks.