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The Fault in Our Stars, has made a video telling readers which books to give as gifts this Christmas.
Violet Markey lives for the future and the gifted line cards the day she can leave her small Indiana town, but is unable to escape the grief of her sisters death.
Johnson Evie finally decides to spend her senior year in public school after being homeschooled by her counterculture mother (and your Freshman-self thought the gym locker room was daunting).Cookies help us bring you Fanpop.The Other Half of Me, by Emily Franklin The threads that define family are often loosely knit.Eleanor Park, by Rainbow Rowell Rowells debut novel was released just three years ago and somehow already feels like a YA classic.After consulting the Donor Sibling Registry, Jenny discovers her other genetic half, another girl born from Donor 142: Alexa, her witty and impulsive biological half sister who ends up putting color in this black sheeps world.
Though not too difficult to understand why.
When Parr falls for a girl from a fundamentalist family who fears homosexuality like the Black Plague, he must deal with a moral and internal battle within himself.

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With echoes of Paper Towns, these enigmatic protagonists will have you hookedor avoiding your inbox for the unforeseeable future.However, shes after something deeper, a place of belonging.Kerr, leading a quiet, conventional lifestyle with his budget car rental codes coupons parents and two older siblings on a farm in Missouri, Parr Burrman never thought hed soon have to grapple with religion, his classmates disparagement, and his sisters sexuality.In the moment you finish it, youll swear you were infinite.The History of Jane Doe, Michael Belangers debut YA novel comes out this June, and we sat down for a Q A with him about the book!Ill Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson Another well-deserving New York Times bestseller (among other accolades Ill Give You the Sun is the story of the inseparable relationship between Jude and her twin brother, known earlier on as NoahandJude.Jenny Fitzgerald, an artist who never quite fit in with her sports-fanatic parents and twin half siblings, grows used to being the family outcasteven if her parents dont understand her art and her siblings close relationship often hurts her.Unable to be apart, they question whether theyre betraying their own familiesand if they can both transcend their dark pasts to be together.It brings with it grayness, gloom, and memories of her sister who was killed by a drunk driver two years agoa loss her family has struggled to recover from.
For fear of being sent to live with her wretched uncle and cousins, Olivia simultaneously deals with the absence of her mother while devising intricate schemes to convince the Kumquat locals that Luna Lee still lives at home.