Gifted season finale

"Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Supernatural 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' Adjusted Up; '20/20' Adjusted Down".
Everything was shaken up by the finale which saw Polaris take a leaf from her father Magneto's book by causing the plane that Dr Campbell and anti-mutant Senator Montez were on to crash, literally ripping the engines off as it passed overhead.
Also Read: ABC Rank: 11 (tie) Series: "The Orville" Network: Fox amex rewards apple store 18-49 Rating:.0 Seth MacFarlane can thank Fox for a very gracious launch time slot after the NFL's opening Sunday game, which is why this drama (yes, it's a drama) makes the list.
Gorman, Bill (January 17, 2012)."TV Castings: Actors Join 'A Gifted Man 'Outlaw Country' 'Weeds.Kate Sykora, a doctor who takes over as director at Clinica Sanando after Anna's death.The plus-sized women got the most enthusiastic applause at the event, especially when one of them confidently peeled off her cover-up to reveal swimwear.4 Julie Benz as Christina Holt, Michael's sister.Gorman, Bill (February 13, 2012).Jonathan Demme, Susannah Grant, Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly and Neal Baer are executive producers.Seidman, Robert (May 10, 2012).Seidman, Robert (January 9, 2012).TVLine, hinting at potential flashbacks.On May 10, 2012, A, gifted, man was canceled by CBS.Adrian Martinez as Hector, the desk clerk at Clinica Sanando.
Fox Rank: 11th-to-last (tie) Series: "Hell's Kitchen" Network: Fox 18-49 Rating:.2 Burn in Hell alongside Lucifer.

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A Gifted Man' Canceled by CBS".