Gift deed document

There is no legal obligation on the donor to provide the gift. .
Gifting is an act, through which a person voluntarily transfers certain rights in an asset to another person, without any consideration.
Legal requirements for gift, as high school scholarship contests per the Transfer of Property Act, the transfer of a house property under a gift, has to be effected by a registered instrument/document, signed by or on behalf of the person gifting the property and should also be attested.
If the house property is received as a gift from a relative, the first incidence of tax will arise, when you sell the property.If the value of all the gifts taken together exceeds Rs 50,000, then, the aggregate of the gifts received become taxable without any threshold exemption.The profits shall be treated as short-term or long-term, depending on whether the aggregate of your holding period as well as that of the previous owner who had actually paid for it, is more than 36 months or not.Property transfered through a gift deed can be reported as a gift for federal tax purposes.If the holding period as computed above is less than 36 months, the profit accrued on the sale of such property, shall be treated as short-term and will be added to your regular income and taxed at the applicable slab rate.I further confirm that this gift is being made out of my own funds standing to the credit of my Savings A/c No: (Giver, account number) in XYZ bank LTD bank address.With an irrevocable gift deed, the donee or recipient of the gift becomes its legal owner as soon as the donor physically delivers the gift deed document to him or her. .However, if the gift deed is executed between some specified close relatives, some states provide concessions in stamp duty.The amount of stamp duty and registration charges payable, with respect to a gift deed, are generally the same as in the case of a regular sale.I am an Income Tax assesse and assessed with Income Tax and this gift is made out of my past savings from profession in (Country, name).
However, income tax laws also give a favourable treatment, to gifts between two close relatives.

In both cases, the right to obtain physical delivery of the gift is postponed until the gift is actually given, or the donor becomes mentally incapacitated or deceased.See also: What is Stamp Duty Rates Charges on Property?The donor in a gift deed can retain physical possession of the gift until it is transferred, or the donor becomes mentally incapacitated or deceased.The list of close relatives includes parents, spouse, siblings, siblings of the spouse, lineal ascendants and descendants of the person and his/her spouse.This gift is irrevocable and I have no claim left whatsoever on the said gifted amount and he is free to utilize it in any manner.I, (Full Name Of gift giver), R/o (Full Residence Address), do hereby on dated (Date of Gift Deed made ) make a gift-deed for a gift made on dated of (Transaction Date of receivers account) (Amount in numbers) - (Amount in Words) out of love.The list also includes spouse of the abovementioned persons.Consequently, the gift of any asset (whether movable or immovable) made to certain specified relatives, is fully exempt from tax in the hand of the recipient, without any upper limit.Place: (City Name) Dated: (Date of Notary registered) _ (Giver Full Name) Witness: The gift as stated above is accepted.Transfer/Cheque with, reference No/Cheque No: dated (Transaction Date) drawn on XYZ bank LTD bank address.(The author is a taxation and home finance expert, with 35 years experience).
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For example, Maharashtra has a cap on stamp duty payable on gift of a residential or agricultural property to ones spouse, children, grandchildren or wife of a son who has died, at Rs 200, irrespective of the value of the property.

In an irrevocable gift deed the donor can not revoke the gift offered. .