Economic rewards meaning

economic rewards meaning

Comparing the distributions of income among economies is _ because each country defines income in discount tennis shirts a _ way.
A reward of 20,000 has been offered.
About 35 percent of those families headed by women are below the official poverty line.
Finally, Mollys patience was rewarded.That is much of the welfare system in the.S.Once a society has made a decision to transfer income to the poor, it is better for the poor if the transfer is in cash rather than in-kind.There are two ideas behind the negative income tax proposed to which economists are strongly attached.A.: Yes, it does.C or U, workplace, HR an advantage, for example more money or a better job, that someone receives if they are successful, work hard, etc.: To compete with bigger players, small firms will need to share more of the risk and reward of the new.Im not doing it for monetary reward.Lack of mobility may occur because individuals choose not to make changes in order to increase their earnings; because individuals are not allowed to make changes in order to increase their earnings (for instance, discrimination or because individuals have abilities that differ which cannot.Bring rewards (cause someone to get rewards) Winning the title brings huge financial rewards.Economy: the distribution of income has been relatively stable for a long time.C an amount of money that is given to someone who provides important information about something: A four-figure reward for information was offered by a local businessman.What accounts for this difference?A reward for sth In a performance culture, you need to let employees know there is a reward for high performance.C, usually plural, or U telstra mobile broadband recharge discount money that someone earns for doing a job, especially when this is a very large amount : financial / economic / monetary rewards big / huge / generous rewards reap/receive/earn rewards The link between corporate performance and the big rewards.A large/substantial reward Despite a substantial reward being offered, the painting has never been found.
To give something to someone because they have done something good or helpful or have worked for it award reward somebody with something The clubs directors rewarded him with a free season ticket.
A.: All of these and other factors combined still leave women with wages 174 lower than men.

He gave the children some chocolate to reward them for behaving well.Rich rewards (great rewards) Top athletes can expect rich rewards if they win.Transfers, in turn, may be either progressive or regressive.It should be clear that differences in individual characteristics are closely connected with _ in income.Bundle OF nerves, bundle OF rights, copyright.What is the definition of the word «poverty»?
Collocations (for Meaning 1 adjectives great/big/high, the rewards for those who invested at the right time are high.
The latter are referred to as in-kind transfers.

Uncountable and countable something that you get because you have done something good or helpful or have worked hard prize, benefit : The school has a system of rewards and punishments to encourage good behaviour.
Receive/get/collect a reward Salespeople who are willing to work longer hours will receive significant rewards.
How a society is to deal with those who are, in a sense, outside of the economic system is one of the pressing problems of our era, our economy, and our society.