Does gas fireplace need chimney sweep

We provide comprehensive chimney and fireplace services, from sweepings and inspections to masonry repairs and relining.
What should you do before the chimeny weep arrives?
Call us at (515) or click here to schedule your appointment today!According to the regulations, you should sweep the chimney every four years, but this depends on different things.New gas appliances manufactured after January 2015 are required to come with mesh safety screens. .If you have to sweep from inside the house, through a sweeping hatch, there could be more soot, but definately not much.Top Notch Chimney Sweep Services!If the chimney sweep comes to a home where he finds a lot of identity links coupon code soot, this chimney might need to be swept more often. .Sometimes we get questions regarding sweeping of the chimney and in this connection we asked Fred Ekberg at the fire and rescue service, fire preventing department in Oslo, for a chat.Afterwards you will recieve an audit regarding the chimney and the general fire safety.During and after the sweeping operation, it is a good idea to ask questions about general fire safety.Does it create a lot of soot when sweeping the chimney?Whether youre a homeowner, an insurance agent, a real estate professional, or a property management company, we can perform a quality inspection that meets your needs.In Oslo, we do the sweeping and inspection at the same time, while in other places, they might do the sweeping one year and the inspection the other.If the chimney, fireplace and heating system has been installed and followed up correctly, you should not find that there is a lot of soot coming from the fireplace.We also staff a CCR (certified chimney reliner) ) and a cmct (certified master chimney technician) 015).Schedule Your Appointment Today!With the convenience, there is the unfortunate liability that many gas fireplaces have fixed glass panels that can become dangerously hot, even exceeding 1000 degrees. .
The amount of soot that accumulates in a chimney depends on how much you use your fireplace, the type of fireplace you have and the burning pattern.
We are a full service, Chimney Safety Institute of America (csia)-certified chimney company that performs both residential and commercial work and specializes in the following services: Our technicians are skilled in both Level 1 and Level 2 chimney inspections, and use state-of-the-art video scanning.

We do our best to live up to the name.The chimney sweep sweeps and cleans chimneys, smoke ducts, flue pipes and fireplaces in order to prevent soot fires and gas emissions.Why is soot produced?We are certified by the CCP ) and have attended the csias Chimney Diagnosis Documentation Course and the Ahern Masonry Chimney Fireplace Building Course in Minnesota.Our Industry Experience Knowledge Set budget car rental codes coupons Us Apart.We have been in the industry for over a decade, and have seen the importance of quality chimney and venting care and maintenance services, and how they can lower fire risk and maximize enjoyment.From the start, our goal has been to enhance the lives of our neighbors through top-notch service and quality customer care.Why is it so important to clean the chimney?The home owner should make arrangements for the chimney sweep by making a ladder, the soot hatch and the sweeping hatch easily accessible.To see a complete list of cities, towns, and zip codes included in our service area, please click here.
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In addition, the chimney sweep informs about the correct burning techniques.