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I had the hydraulic pump professionally rebuilt but thats.
All in all, it is fun.
I live in western MA so I called the number, which was in Washington state.
My Dad searched around and found someone selling a used 8N with a front end bucket.Stay Connected, join the conversation with Modern Healthcare through our social media pages.They were.50.The propane system is unique and is so much different from a standard vaporizer.When he retired, he moved to a family loebner prize 2013 farm in New Hampshire and another 8N took over the mowing work.I got into them after I saw an ad and went to a show and got to liking them there are a lot of antique tractors at the shows and Ive met a lot of friends over the years going to them.I wanted something that looked a little more in proportion so I bought ticketbud promo code 600 x 16s.In fact, nothing was easy on this restoration which took place over twelve years.My 9N Ford worked great and I had no reason to believe the 801 wouldnt be the same.Continue reading Facebook Google Twitter email By Wayne Musser.Give one a try.Subscribe to the N-News Magazine for more essential N-News!My family had just bought some land in Massachusetts and we needed a piece of equipment to help out with chores around the property.I needed a good dry place to keep my tractor and set to making that thought a reality at the 1799 farmhouse where I grew.Nearly twenty years after inheriting the tractor, I finally understand.It looked like it had been sitting outside for several years.
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The clutch and transmission needed no work.

The sheet metal and especially the rear fenders were pretty rough, too.As a subscriber to the N-News, I was reading the Spring 2015 issue when I noticed.My dad said that I needed a tractor to maintain the place, so we started the search and soon found a mechanically restored NAA Golden Jubilee painted all one color.The thought of that really bothered.I bought it 20 years ago out of central Arkansas.1 My father announced that he was buying a tractor.But my real involvement with tractors started years ago when I was helping a friend who had had a heart attack and could no longer keep up with his farm.Next came the painting.Along with one of his buddies, he came back the following day with a flat bed truck and they pulled the tractor up onto it, promising me that they would take good care.
I did all the reassembly.

The propane system was in pretty rough shape.