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We hope readers will notice and feel the prank gifts for girls peacefulness of the room but also the elements of whimsy and charm, the designers say.
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Great Room, impressive architecture is warmed with shapely furniture and accents.designer Christine Frisk Tips from the design team: Form a plan.A palette of soft yellows, pale grays, and blues delivers with a unique focal point in the space.Jennie Korsbon, Allied asid, J Korsbon Designs, m Lower-Level Recreation Room A space where adults and kids can play and relax.Edu/interiordesign Christine LaPean, Robynne Johnson, Deb Soderman, Katie Chamberlin, Olivia Cicha, Students asid, dctc Bunk Room Laundry A multifunctional space where fun is the goal.Our experts work quickly and thoroughly to diagnose and fix problems.An asymmetrical furniture arrangementwith all furnishings donated by Hope Chest For Breast Cancerbalances against the symmetrical and angular ceiling, while an impressionist painting of pond hockey on the wall reflects the homeowners past as a college hockey player and his move to Minnesota.We chose this sofa to coordinate with the California-boho vibe of the room. .Smile Network International conducts surgical missions abroad to impart dignity and quality of life to individuals whose medical needs may otherwise go untreated.It gives a space a story to tell, the designers say.The homeowners, too, are hesitant to pinpoint one word to describe the homeits been called everything from a chateau on Lake Minnetonka to updated transitional to open conceptbut they tried to inject whimsical details wherever possible.The mural was a strategic part of the design concept. .This is the first time in the Showcase Homes 20-year history that the house is new construction, and a house of this size typically takes 14 to 16 months to complete.Be sure to join us for the fall color show when the trees in the River Corridor show off, it is spectacular!Enlisting John Kraemer Sons as the builder and Sharratt Design Company as the architect, they got to work crafting plans for a 13,000-square-foot home.

We can help you find a solution for any problem, large or small, so you can get back to your life and back to business.Their 39-year history, built upon a foundation of ethics and integrity, has been rewarded by being named Builder of the Year three times, making them the only three-time winner of the award in its history.A mix of cool grays, whites, and dark tones is complemented by metallic finishes and pops of blush pink, blue, and green.The designer hopes the room will inspire and encourage visitors to use their imagination.Tips from the design team: Comfort is important, but so is style.Kimberly Niosi, Allied asid, Niosi Design, m Serene Retreat A trendy and classic space sits ready to welcome guests.If a fabric, wallcovering, light fixture, or color makes you smile, youre doing something right!
We hope visitors feel the sense of joy and fun in the space, the designers say.
For impact in the dining rooma space with virtually no wallsthe designers chose Schumachers iconic Singeries wallpaper depicting fashionably dressed monkeys to make the space memorable.

The result is a collection of spaces that blend old and new with modern and traditional.
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