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No job is too small or too large, ranging from replacing a faucet to custom remodeling.
Our company eliminates the need to call a general handyman, a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, a painter, a contractor, a design specialist or any other specialist you may need to maintain or beautify your home.The exterior of this home lost it's character over the years.Consider for one second that an accident happens in your apartment.As the holder of a 24-hour contract, you receive a 5 percent discount on all estimates up to, but not to exceed, the value of your maintenance contract.Renters insurance does the same ogden discount theater thing for those who rent their properties, and is just as vital as homeowners insurance.Raymond Maryann Perrotte, Owners, how It Works For You, creative Maintenance Design Services is an exclusive specialty company that offers professional service on all levels of home maintenance, interior and exterior design, and home improvements.The landlord who owns the apartments for rent where you live, or the house that you rent, is not responsible for your personal belongings.When the evaluation is completed, we prepare a written checklist to identify areas requiring immediate attention and areas you may want to address at a later date.If you live on an upper story then the water could flow down into the lower apartments for rent.
Our versatility and creativity enable us to address a multitude of home maintenance concerns.

The home evaluation checklist serves as a guide to help you determine how to best use your contract hours.It is a family-owned and operated business built on the highest moral and ethical practices and standards.T be prevented, but with renters insurance they can be repaired quickly and easily.This means that if an accident happens in the upstairs unit which damages your unit, your renters insurance will cover your belongings even if the accident wasnt your fault.Many people are surprised to learn that most renters insurance policies typically run no more than 12 to 20 per month, according to the Independent Insurance Agents and the Brokers of America.Even replacing all of these things with cheap second hand bargains would cost a fortune.You are responsible for all damages incurred because of the accident which happened in your apartment.As the holder of a 48-hour contract, you receive a 10 percent discount on all estimates up to, but not to exceed, the value of your maintenance contract.We provide you with professional workmanship while overseeing the project through to completion.Is proud to announce that for the second consecutive year we were awarded the "Achievements in Excellence Award".
Renting a house or apartment holds many advantages over buying.
The panel of judges consisted of experts from the remodeling industry and associated fields.

We take great pride in the project that gave us this year's 2000 Achievements In Excellence Award.