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This broom won't flatten, fray or bend like a normal one might, and iherb reward code 2017 if it gets dirty, simply hose it off, hand wash it, or place the head in the dishwasher for cleaning.
Long post but a lot of you will save yourself some frustration if you keep most of it in mind.
If your bowl is corrode, it shouldn't be repaired unless it's a temp.Why Use One: Other brooms force you to waste time an energy while causing dirt, hair and other debris to fly all over, or be left behind as you sweep.Rather than use technical terms etc., I've often just marked things to my own liking, measured where a screw and spring might be turned in/out and later returned to those points for initial settings-MY initial settings.Lots of videos on to help BUT if you don't have online capabilities nearby when fixing the machine, here goes: The carb settings IF the screw under your carb bowl IS adjustable.This 12" broom is the household size Sweepa Rubber Broom.I've lost parts AND after replacing them (inconvenience of course I've found them months later.Fuel line/fuel hose, usually 1/4" inside diameter, corded rubber and the outside diameter is usually 7/16" It's about.40 per foot and it doesn't hurt to buy 2-3 feet and always have it on hand for spare.The flexible bristles are great for sweeping any type of debris, but can also be used with soap and water for scrubbing floors, washing boats, RV's and vehicles, or cleaning hard to reach windows.Unlike old-school tools that may be better or worse at certain jobs, this broom is able to excel at them all.This charge sucks dirt and debris in toward the broom, and keeps it close as you sweep.It will help later.Yes you can even run a motor without a carb and manifold(s) attached IF you know how to meter fuel going to a running motor.The 12" Household Rubber Broom by Sweepa is the ultimate way to sweep the floors in your home.For tougher stuff, several shorter strokes will work the best.Use it on any type of floor in your home like linoleum, vinyl, marble, tile and more, or take it outside to clean concrete, asphalt, and wood decks.
One important thing to remember is you still have to eat the vegetables, throwing 20 worth or arugula or cilantro into the compost bin is not exactly a sound investment. .

It is able to pull amazing amounts of hair and fur from rugs and carpets due to the rubber bristles, and for this reason, it is the best broom for pet owners.Safe to use anywhere, and fool-proof in it's ability.Apply a little pressure as you pull it backwards, and all regular debris will be collected in a single motion.Now much of this makes sense where many of the vine plants grow on trellises and are allowed to spread, which I guess is sort of cheating the square foot rule but I will let it slide. .This rubber broom works so well, it can even pull up hair out of a freshly vacuumed carpet.Recently mine were little bits of rubber from the fuel line and if you miss one, it'll cause problems.
Years ago had a problem with water in their gas so I stopped buying from there.