Did usa win last night

Gallardo has the pace to cause some problems against a tiring US defense.
Its cleared initially, but then Guzman pops up again in the box to head the ball just wide from the second ball back into the box.
McBride: Can't see how Bremen don't play Josh Sargent (1:21).He doesnt do any better than Alvarado though, as his shot bounces tamely off the wall.An email: Mathieu Legrenade writes with a succinct verdict: Good evening Mr Parker Spanish-speaking channel Univision is thirty one wedding gifts calling that match The battle of the Giants but so far its just yet another boring friendly game.84 mins: Carter-Vickers gives Moore a hard stare after his poor pass almost gifts a chance to Mexico, but the US get it clear.Sorry I couldnt use them all.74 mins: Events of the last five minutes have suddenly put a very different complexion on the evenings events.40 mins: Green is coming on for McKennie, who looks to have picked up a knock.Hes up on his feet but the referees making him go off to be assessed by the trainers, as per protocol.

The Paris Saint-Germain prodigy connected on a cross in the heart of the box for a cool finish: Overall, it's a nice result for the.S., but the result matters little.At the other end, Zardes looked isolated too often, but you could see glimpses of the improvements in his game since his move to Columbus from LA, as he made the odd telling touch to supporting players, on the occasions they were there to support.Sometimes giants battle subtly, Matt.62 mins: Sloppy touch from Adams in his own box almost sets up Lainez, but the USA get away with it and go up to the other end.He might want to cut that out a little, given that hes on a yellow from the first half, but hes at least woken the crowd up a little.Including their World Cup collapse theyve lost their last three games and this would make it four if the result holds."He has a comic presence.
34 mins: Lainez darts through traffic towards the D, before his shot is charged down.

Published 9:05 AM EDT Sep 12, 2018.
90 mins: Wood gets a yellow for a late challenge in Abella, that earned every part of the card.
Red card to Zaldivar!