Did obama win louisiana

did obama win louisiana

So really, the only surprises in the Trump administration's Tuesday announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (daca) program are that it took this long for Trump to get around to it, and that the president extended the program for another six months.
That, Coffman argues, would give Congress enough time to work out a comprehensive trade on immigration reform.
That's why we need to pass a law.".
The Nebraska funds would have helped subsidize the states cost burden under the Medicare expansion mandated in the Senate healthcare bill.Glossary of Election Night terms.It's a step in the right direction for engagement, but highly unlikely to succeed.Both Obama and his former Attorney General Eric Holder objected to President Trump's reversal and Attorney General Jeff Sessions' characterization of daca as unconstitutional.Remember that Obama had another four-plus years to replace daca with a properly passed law that ended prosecutions for those who qualify for daca.But Landrieu said that Louisiana Gov.But the removal of the funds (page 1) could help pave the way for wary House Democrats to get on board with the presidents proposal.With Trump's action, the incentives are now in place to have Congress address the issue of children brought illegally into the country by their parents.Bobby Jindal (R) had asked her to obtain the funds for what they deemed a flawed calculation under the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (fmap) program.Daca exists because Obama got tired of negotiating with Congress on immigration, especially on the dream Act, which would have exempted school-age illegal immigrants from deportation.The percentages are closer to those in the House bill than those in the Senate bill.Scott Brown (R) in the Massachusetts special election in the midst of merger talks in January derailed the healthcare negotiations.Advertisement, donald Trump ran for the presidency with a get-tough agenda on immigration and pledges to reverse Barack Obama's executive orders.
Don't hold your breath.

In doing so, Obama gambled that any future successors would not want to face the political headache of reversing his EO a gamble that clearly did not pay off."Your answer indicates that it's on shaky legal ground Todd said at one point, to which Feinstein replied, "It.The first is that the authority for prosecutorial discretion and deferrals had been used primarily on an individual basis rather than for a broad class of hundreds of thousands of potential defendants.Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) offered the 100 million in Medicaid funding, also known as the Cornhusker Kickback, to Nelson to help win him over* as the 60th vote on the Senates healthcare reform bill last December.The surprising victory of Sen.That would, at the very least, spare everyone the spectacle of deporting students at the end of Trump's six-month lead time.It allows Congress to kick the can down the road again.Tom Cotton (Ark.) suggested a compromise in adding a form of daca to the raise Act currently under consideration.Senate Democrats have blocked many of Trump's executive branch nominees, and have convinced themselves that obstructionism will produce electoral success.NBC's Chuck Todd challenged Feinstein on the program's legality, and she noted that 10 state attorneys general had prepared lawsuits against the program.

But eventually he called for the dollars for his state to be cut from the Senate bill amid sinking approval for both him and the deal.
Like all the solutions, though, it depends on Congress and the White House acting rationally on immigration policy.