Did hidden figures win any awards

did hidden figures win any awards

All hands (and brains) had to be on deck.
Jackson petitioned the City of Hampton to be able to learn next to her white peers.
"Katherine Johnson on the Oscars!" tweeted nasa's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, where Johnson and her fellow women mathematicians supported the early Mercury spaceflights and where "Hidden Figures" is set.
Follow collectspace on, facebook and on Twitter at @ collectspace.After graduating with dual degrees in math and physical science, she was hired to work at Langley in 1951.And yet, despite the accolades and getting the Hollywood treatment, she told the audience in May that she was just doing her job and "it was just another day's work." Sometimes changing the world is just that.I would already be one.".As it shows, there were very tense moments during the flight that forced the mission to end earlier than expected.
There's a moment halfway into, hidden Figures when head nasa engineer Paul Stafford refuses the request of Katherine Johnson (Taraji.
Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race, the film focuses on three real-life African-American female pioneers: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, who were part of nasa's team of human "computers.".

While working six-day weeks at a job demanding "a large capacity for tedium they were still expected to uphold societal norms of being a good wife and mother.It was a good night for many movies, including.Into the throes of war, naca and Langley began recruiting African-American women with college degrees to work as human computers.Nasa's Real "Hidden Figures" "And then there are those films that shine the spotlight on those whose names are known to only a few, but whose stories are deserved to be told added Octavia Spencer, who was nominated but did not win for Best Supporting.It received a record-tying 14 nominations and had been widely predicted to win Best Picture."Get the girl to check the numbers.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for Best Costume Design, Suicide Squad for Best Makeup Hairstyling, The Jungle Book for Best Visual Effects, Zootopia for Best Animated Feature Film, The Salesman for Best Foreign Language Film,.J.: Made in America for Best Documentary Feature.As Shetterly says to Popular Mechanics, the movie also focuses on Johnson, Jackson, and Vaughn's "transcendent sense of humanity" that allowed them to endure.Since it was designed to be a ballistic flightin that, it was like a bullet from a gun with a capsule going up and coming down in a big parabolait was relatively simple in least in the context of what was to come.
Despite being the top grossing film nominated for Best Picture, "Hidden Figures" lost in all three categories for which it was a contender.
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