Createspace direct reseller discount

Something to throw out because its free and relatively painless, and proves to dear old Aunt Nelly that we are real authors because we have a paperback available.
So, if theyd rather order from their regular supplier as opposed to buying books from me, or having me leave them on consignment, the system is already in place for them to go ahead and order my books.
Or maybe a set price, say 3, off all or a just a certain selection (say a particular series, or first in series) of books?Thats always supposing we bother at all, which of course we indies mostly dont bother to do because even though we know print is 70 of the retail market its all soooo much effort to add a print link.Not just for that one sale, but for all our other books that print reader wont be buying from.Take CreateSpace Direct, which we have hopefully enabled when we set up our print title on CreateSpace.Quick" (Renew or Upgrade serial Number: The products and services you buy from L-Soft Direct are identical to those you may buy from L-Soft's regular sales channel.In fact, we can even offer these resellers discounts to encourage them to showcase our paperbacks.Well, every title we set up on CreateSpace has its own CreateSpace product page as well as its own AmCom product page.Contact L-Soft Direct, to place your order, write to: or call us at from the United States or Canada, or from the rest of the world.Ill come back in detail on StreetLib in 2017.For Libraries it is not necessary to provide a Resale Certificate, just fill out the form below, indicate that you are a Library and a customer service representative will be in touch.On the right is the discount link as per above.So, it takes a heck of a lot of sales through their Expanded Distribution to earn back the.
Nothing underhand is happening here.

But before we get that far well find, right at the top of the store set-up page, the all-important CreateSpace eStore link for that book in question.Take a look at this: the royalty fred meyer gift baskets rates for.99 paperback.Yeah, I know thats hard to imagine.As you can see, in paying the additional 25 your book will be distributed to a number of wholesalers and libraries as well to Barnes and Noble.Hats, Sunglasses, Watches, Bags, Socks, Speakers, Laces More.List price.99, amazon(dot)Com royalty :.64, createSpace eStore royalty:.44.The CreateSpace eStore, discounting and re-seller options.But this post is about print and in particular the benefits CreateSpace offer us to reach the vast majority of readers who do not read ebooks.It takes maybe ten minutes to set up an eStore page for a book, and if we have a generic banner it can be used across every eStore page.Yep, theyll talk to you.

Of the few hundred print copies I have sold, most of them were through Amazons direct channels, and 30 of those were sold through the Expanded channels, so I did make the 25 back after a while.
The majority of books I sell are ebooks, the print book market seems to be a totally different business, and I havent done nearly as well there.
This link to the CreateSpace eStore is for the one book, and while the customer wont have other authors books thrust at them as happens on AmCom, they wont see our other books either.