Coopervision rebate contact number

I thought that my chronic dry and irritated eyes meant always wearing glasses, but these contacts saved the day!
Switch and save 200 on your CooperVision clariti 1 day or MyDay contact lenses.
I have tried calling, no help, logging into their website, no help again.
Jessica N, great Contacts for Changing Vision.Iverhart Coupon, coupon Value and Save:.00 rebate for Iverhart MAX/Iverhart plus How Does.CooperVision reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify part or this entire rebate program at any time without notice, for any reason in cbc contests schitt's creek its sole discretion.The company is one of two business units that report to the parent company namely, The Cooper Companies a public company.They simply scam you into buying the contacts and they won't give you any rebate.
Currently Coopers focus is in two market segments: contact lenses through CooperVision and womens health care through CooperSurgical.

Because I have issues with cataracts, my vision changes frequently.Enter your address and some other personal info.Purchases must be made within 60 days of exam.Biofinity Energys Rebate, if you buy 4 boxes with each box containing 6 lenses, your rebate.29 Reviews, the Cooper Companies, Inc.Please note: If the product you have purchased will be reimbursed by an insurance company or other third-party payor, reimbursement may not be sought for costs already covered by this rebate.I have used coopervision and been a customer for years and have never been treated so poorly and had to jump through hoops like this before.Valid on purchases April 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.The 2018 Biofinity rebates are available until December 31, 2018 to new or existing lens wearers after getting an eye exam and purchasing Biofinity contacts.Axis a number between 0 and 180.