Can you gift playstation store money

When you've finished shopping, you'll have to check out in order to redeem your card.
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Give him money so he can buy the game.See at Amazon, filling Your Cart, in order to redeem the gift card, you will have to have something to purchase from the PlayStation Store first.Those are the only ways I can think of or I can find of which you can give your friend a game on the playstation.It's still not possible, there are some workarounds but you can't actually gift a game on the psn.In order to redeem it, you'll have to scratch off the grey rectangle on the back of the card in order to get the redemption petro canada gift card ebay code.
This doesn't make sense, we can see the items on our feiends wishlist already!

Buy a PSN card with x money on it and give it to him.According to what I've found out by trying an googling.Let us know in the comments below!Once you fill up your cart, you'll have to complete your shopping experience at check out.They already have the same discounts system, if they made people able to gift items I'm sure they would see a huge increase in sales, you know, thanks to all those games that a lot of people would like but wouldn't personally buy, or didn't.You can buy these gift cards basically anywhere, either physical or digital, making them fantastic quick things to gift for any occasion.You will enter that code so that you will be able to use the card in order to pay for all of your goodies.Possible workarounds: Buy the game and send him the code.Giving and receiving gift cards is the easy part.
This is where your card comes into play, the best part of the shopping experience!

Just type in the code hit redeem, and you should be all set!
Here's how you go from opening your card to spending your cash in the PlayStation Store.