Brownie points reward system

I've marked the locations of several well known stores and warehouses where these items might be found.
Thus you must kill 250 police officers in a marked area on the city map.
If you want the more difficult enemies and better loot while you try to find the machine parts, head 4 right.
Please go there and help us find her!The fire actually seemed to make this one stronger.Baby Blues Baby Blues A young researcher named Miranda gave birth to a baby boy recently.To discount harley davidson parts and accessories be honest, I'm glad that they didn't.However, there is a police radio in the abandoned squad car that we need to retrieve.14750 (29500) EXP Reward:The value in brackets is the reward for Gold Members.The science nerds threw a bunch of technical words and chemistry.
In this way, if a player misses a mission he or she can still try it when the next mission cycle begins.

There was a little printers just a few blocks from here we always used to go to for stuff like that.And please hurry, these nerds are giving me a headache.The Girl Scout Brownies theory is the only one that explains an actual point system for doing good deeds.100000 (200000) Walkthrough The way to complete this mission is simple, and, like the title suggests, it involves looting.That damn hand was infected!8400 (16800) EXP Reward:The value in brackets is the reward for Gold Members.Once you enter the area, you will be attacked with high aggro - all kinds of zombies, from common infected to bones and bloats.It is recommended to bring an automatic weapon or a weapon that does a high amount of damage.If you do want in, meet me at the location I just marked on your map and we'll exterminate these bastards together!I would rather poke myself in the eyeball than listen to that evil pencil sharpener.