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Her snake form grants her several abilities attributed to her type of snake ; such as further increasing her hearing, speed, agility, endurance, stealth and flexibility to superhuman levels, even giving her greater eyesight and night vision.She watched as the two were dragged into the Netherworld via a mystic portal.She resolved for them all to find Tatsu and take him down while recovering the Kuro Kabuto, as it is the key that gives its wearer full control over the entire Foot clan.Lighting Project Manager Rachel Tighe recently received her Lighting Specialist I certification through the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (naild).She appears masked and displays more abilities in all fortnite save the world daily rewards this fight than she does in the film (including duplication and teleportation)."Interview: Celebrating tmnt's 30th Anniversary".Once he had left, she began hacking away at the bars of her prison cell, determined to escape."Jose Lopez: tmnt #1".Shown wearing a red Noh 97 mask and a full-body black armor with a hood on her head and a cape, Karai is the Japanese Foot Clan boss and has come to take over the New York Foot after the Shredder's death.In the Season 1 finale, "Showdown, Part 2" it is revealed that Karai is, in fact, Miwa, the only child and supposedly deceased infant daughter of Hamato Yoshi and his late wife Tang Shen, who was abducted by Shredder as an infant after the battle.Four of his top students were depicted: Nobuko, possibly his love interest; Miles, a young black man; Carmen, a Latina woman and possibly his love interest; and Bob, an anthropomorphic baboon.Though Leonardo's relationships with his younger brothers Michelangelo and Donatello are not as volatile, both have made comments alluding to the high standards the former has set, and his tendency to make them look bad.

With this, they became powerful enough to return home and defeat Krang and Shredder.Upon the sudden demise of his adopted father and master, he reluctantly steps up as sensei in addition to being leader, which puts even more pressure on him.He was attracted to a young kunoichi named Lotus, a swordswoman prodigy from Japan who was hired by Krang to replace Shredder, whom she easily defeated (along with Rocksteady and Bebop).100 Note 7 While making tmnt, Munroe wrote: "again, well only see her sans-mask for one shot at the end.Who, Star Wars and More - The Toyark - News".Episode 70: "Hun on the Run".She also works closely with Baxter Stockman.Ambushed by Tiger Claw, she defends April and comes to assist Leonardo, who is being torn apart by Super Shredder.
(September 2011) In the video games, Leonardo is portrayed as well-balanced, having strong but not extreme abilities in all areas and no glaring weaknesses.

She eventually shows up at the Lair riding on Leatherhead's back.
She is angered and horrified when told that Tiger Claw and his Foot cult is seeking the Kabuto to return Oroku Saki to life.