Best gifts stardew valley

best gifts stardew valley

For loved or liked gifts, Linus will say A birthday gift?
2:00 PM, heads back to camp.
Reaching the hidden thirteenth heart will net you a stardrop.
Universal Dislikes This is a list of items that will decrease friendship by 20 points when given as gifts.No links to other subreddits or Discords.Universal Neutral Fried Egg, Bread, Wheat, Hops.Gifts on his birthday ( Winter 3 ) will have 8 effect and show a unique dialogue.Details Zero Hearts After you have 50 Friendship points with Linus, enter the town between 8pm - 12am on a sunny day.You may enter a villager's bedroom when the relevant heart meter reads at least 2 hearts.
Standing next to the lake near his campground.

After the marriage ceremony, your spouse's meter unlocks once again.(No effect on friendship.) Linus thanks the player and adds that he was worried the player would ask him to move on to The Farm.With marriage candidates, the meter pauses at 8 hearts.Universal Neutrals exceptions Elliott loves Duck Feather.Harvey likes Duck Feather, dislikes Bread, hates Coral, Nautilus Shell, and Rainbow Shell.4:00 PM Heads back to camp.This seems to have no effect on the game whatsoever (no special dialogs, no effect on friendship, etc.) Linus will never re-light the fire if you put it out, so you can put it out or rekindle it whenever you like.Love This is wonderful!Some Items might be listed pats last superbowl win twice in separate categories because in one it might have been listed as a type and in the other it was listed as the item itself.

(The Wizard is not included among these villagers.) Completing an Item Delivery Quest awards 150 Friendship points with the requesting villager.