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Rapid temperature fluctuations without lag, top-notch eyelid closure mechanics, something reddish and growing.
In a smaller island I ran for 150 years, I picked out the first human I found with a second marriage to start digging.It doesn't place more than one job per shop and instead of waiting to renew them it checks jobs on completion to see if they lund nerf bar rebate should stick around.On the other hand, here is a Future of the Fortress reply that is full of various tidbits.What do you mean you don't care?!" The procedural generation book I co-edited with Tanya.In any case, I was able to get back to meaningful work today and dwarves are praying to gods and meditating on fate and fortresses and so forth, satisfying their new spiritual needs (the intensities of spiritual needs are tied to the amount of devotion.Here is another release with fixes.You can view all of your categorized holdings with a new map overlay that also shows the diplomacy state with other civilizations.Working a bit on the criminals in town in preparation for the even more ill-natured agents to come and associate with them.Their planned changes now seem to be shelved for the moment, though it's a bit disconcerting to enter a period of more financial uncertainty.Dwarves that are unable to hold their tongues can confirm the presence of artifacts, and then the quester can decide if they want to leave and sneak back in, or if they'll simply request/demand the artifact.Down to two now!It's not a language rewrite, but I decided to support that form, which was already possible in the existing structure.) This link goes to the monthly report.
08/18/2018 After setting up several interconnected intrigue data structures and running some test plots, we concluded we need a bit more meat in world gen for the networks to transfer seamlessly over to fort mode without every starting situation feeling too similar once it gets.
Animals no longer become distracted from being unable to drink if they've experienced trauma, or from being unable to worship gods they shouldn't have been worshiping in the first place.

Along with family, this was almost enough to tie members of a civilization together.For instance, the written works of scholars are treated as sort of semi-artifacts, like named weapons, and this was leading to trouble when somebody would write on a quire and then a bookbinder went to make it into a codex.The current problem is to get scribes to make the right number of copies of each written text so they don't use up all the paper, which gets a bit headache-ish to code when libraries are spread over several linked rooms and filled with different.It has been entertaining building up the different knowledge branches, interacting with our year 1400 cut-off, and no doubt screwing up various simple ideas and so forth.05/15/2015 I mentioned in some Future of the Fortress or other that ethics and values don't instantly assimilate when you grant resident or citizen status to a visitor that petitions to stay at your fortress, and that we'd make sure to have some definite evidence.All the same, when confronted by a goblin glassmaker near a watch tower, Buddy A quick-wittedly shouted out "My name is Tode.The roll failed every time for them, so drunken sparring partners just sat there without throwing shots.This might be as simple as you riding a wave of praise back to wherever the artifact needs to go, or it might turn out quite differently if you aren't trusted.So there are still a few things to iron out, but we're almost done with this part.This only works on historical figures, so you might find you don't have off-site workers available at first, though some sites do have them.
For example, if the player robs somebody without saying their name, a problem with the new system was that only the people that witnessed the event thought ill of the player even after a few days, since other townspeople could no longer make the link.
07/18/2015 As promised, there's now a very basic ability to compose poems, music and choreography.

In particular, any elves that have the misfortune of signing up for dwarven life can now emotionally process the experiences of tree felling, butchery and animal caging.
11/14/2016 I'm back from the Practice conference at the NYU Game Center in Brooklyn - the talk was recorded, and quite different from other talks I've given, so I'll be sure to post a link when it is available.