Barnes load data 300 win mag

At 400 and 500 yards, we start to see the rounds begin to separate from each other.
For hunters, these rounds remain well above supersonic speeds at the distances you will be taking shots from, as you can see from the velocity data above.
Below, we have listed the average bullet kinetic energy for the 20 rounds of each cartridge that we have compiled.
There was a trend for more recoil energy with the.300 Win Mag rounds, and we also have to take into account the difference in rifle weights between these two cartridges.There is no doubt, that accuracy is incredibly important.We will attempt to bring all of this together when we get to the application section.The SD is derived from a calculation using the bullets diameter and weight.When it comes to hunting big game, there is one advantage for the.300 Win Mag, and that is the bullet size.If we look at individual rounds, the.300 WSM has two round.45 and below while the.300 Win Mag only has one that falls below.5.All of these categories including the categories outside of ballistics all go hand in hand and influence each other.Recoil can influence shots, especially ones book ticket now discount coupon where you might not have much time to prep the shot, and it also influences your ability to make follow up shots.We didnt see any huge difference in velocity from the averages of the cartridges out of the muzzle.
Sectional density plays a role in momentum as more momentum is conserved when the projectile, a bullet in our case, is striking a smaller area.
Those heavy rounds at 1,000 yards appear to bring the average down a good bit at this range.

With two decades of chasing all manner of upland game, hooved mammals, strutting gobblers, and any small game that can fit in his Dutch oven, he hopes to offer new ideas and viewpoints on hunting and firearm concepts and traditions.300 Winchester Magnum10 mm10mm Magnum22 Hornet221 fireball223 Remington25 ACP257 JDJ30 Carbine30 Herrett30 Luger30 Mauser30 reece30-30 Winchester30-40 AI30/30 Ackley300 Whisper308 Baer32 ACP32 H R Magnum32 S W32 S W Long32-20357 Herret357 Magnum357 Maximum357 SIG357/44 Bain Davis360 Dan Wesson375 Atomic375 JDJ375 Super Mag378 GNR38 Auto38 Derringer38 Long.Outside of the bullet design, which is going to provide controlled expansion to deliver penetration as well as deliver the huge amount of kinetic energy this bullet carries, it also carries a ton of momentum.Even so, it offers the highest velocities and the flattest trajectory than any other round with less than 100 inches of bullet drop at 700 yards which is very impressive for a factory load.It is used for both big game hunting as well as benchrest target shooting.In the simplest of terms, the ballistic coefficient is a number that is derived from an equation taking into account a variety of bullet flight specs.Some people like a little extra velocity out of the muzzle, especially long-range shooters, and there are.300 WM and.300 WSM rounds that give you that.Both of these are.30 caliber rounds and it would be easy to assume that a lot of their ballistic performances are similar.The flattest.300 WM mag round has a bullet drop.2 while the flattest.300 WSM round has a bullet drop.6.Both produce enough recoil to influence a shot, especially when you have been shooting for several hours where fatigue can set in and especially if a less experienced marksmen is holding the rifle.
For one, the faster a bullet is traveling, the less effect wind drift and gravity are going to have on the flight path.
The velocity as well as the design of the bullet factor in as well.

Though, we do see a little bit more of a distinction between the averages of the two cartridges.
We can look back at some of the other ballistic characteristics we have already examined.