Ase coupon code

This feature lets you easily create a dynamic segment of everyone who used a particular coupon code.
For example, let's say your point of sale system requires that godaddy com renewal discount you render your barcodes from coupon codes that begin with a hashtag.
You'll get 20 discount on the extension too.No matter what you're looking for, just type in the name of your favorite store and voila - instant discounts!If you haven't already, contact our Success Team and request to have the Uploaded Coupons feature enabled.Nothing's worse than finding a great coupon code that you can't use.See who used specific discount codes (Shopify and Magento stores).Set up coupon reminders for customers that haven't used a coupon code.You can drag and drop your file, or select it from your computer.Create a new segment and name it "Used a coupon".Follow these steps to add coupons to a flow: Add an additional email to the same flow that was triggered to give out the initial coupon, but set this additional email to go out a few days later.Add an Additional Filter to this new email that checks whether or not that person has placed an order that used that discount code.Multiple items can be combined with a single cut tag.
If the code is used in a flow message, Klaviyo will compare the number of expected recipients to the number of available codes for the coupon used.

Provide a name for your coupon, and select an expiration date.Add coupons to your emails, display your coupons as barcodes for your brick and mortar stores.After sending, you can check the total available coupon codes by clicking into the Coupons tab and checking the Available/Total column.A warning is displayed if there aren't enough codes available, and you are unable to send the campaign.There are multiple ways to upload and use coupon codes in Klaviyo.Upload unique coupon codes, upload a single static coupon code for everyone.