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Aside from the new tunes, it glistened on calipercovers com discount code older tunes such as "Razmanaz "Bad Bad Boy Lowell George's "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" and a humorous, rocking rendition of Joni Mitchell's "This Flight Tonite." But the young ones were here for the Cult exclusively, and as the.
After a third tune, the band had finished its rather miniscule set.
First on stage was The Golden Earring, a hard rock-"psychedelic" band from Holland, currently riding the waves of success which their current AM single, "Radar Love has attained.
As is the usual fare for such heavy-metal spectacles, the concert started late, an hour and a half to be precise.Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma hop across stage, arm in arm, and as the Cult run back out for their encore, they pounce upon their audience once again, with a rendition of Born To Be Wild" which would make even John Kay quiver.What more can be said?No Escape, from the Cult there is no escape.Lead singer, Eric Bloom, bedecked in his Nazi-suggestive finest, (black cape, silver boots, black-black-black) who will win clemson or south carolina commandeered his troops much as a puppet master pulls his strings.The band cooks on Buck's Boogie, Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma slash their guitars together, and raise them, crossed, skyward, as a sacrifice to the Gods they have foresaken.Disinterested Rabble, as much as the rabble had applauded the flashy zing of the group from Holland, they were generally disinterested in the second band, Nazareth.Sajecki, spectrum Music Critic, punks!But the equipment for the concert had arrived.Which is quite a shame, because Nazareth is actually a better band than the Golden Earring.

Al Bouchard tosses drumsticks out to the screaming adorers, as smoke begins to blanket the stage, adding to the Enigma of the already enigmatic Blue Oyster Cult.Now it was only a matter of time.They can always smell a seething, rockin' night a mile away.Besides the flash, the members of the band are all quite proficient at what they do; Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums keeping the pulse steady, Rinus Gerritsen on bass and moog, complementing the piercing axe stabs of George Kooymans' lead guitar.Although the crowds stomped and screamed for an encore, it was getting late, and the second band hadn't even begun.You know, those cagey, ageless cretins read magazines thoroughly from picture to picture.Performing tunes from their new album Rampant (a very good one at that such as the fever paced "Silver Dollar Forger or the slow, amplified ballad, "Loved and Lost" or the Boogie paced "Jet Lag the band tried everything to establish rapport with the audience.All five cultists stand, center stage assaulting every pair of ears present.
And every number was one.