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Marrero's standouts were, Felix Navarro who went 7 for10 and Rick Arleo, Jose Soto John Diaz who all went 6 for 9 on the day.
Aurora also worth noting finally finding a broom for 1st sweep, 12-11 14-12 against Nick's, now only 2 games out of first having won last 4.
February 8 - 20 games in looks like the cream is rising to the top.Matt Nathanson, behind The Scenes At The AMAs: Poppy And Rita Ora Make Their Own Award Show.Game 2 was similar with the score yo-yo-ing back forth (Nicks up 2, Aurora up 1, Nicks up 3, Aurora up 2, Nicks tied it, Aurora up 2, Nicks closing to within 1) when Aurora made any comeback out of the question scoring 12 taking.But, VFW answered back with 6 runs of their own in the 7th to come away with a 21-20 victory.In game 1 after 1 trailing 4-0, Aurora came roaring back, never looking back to sweep both games.Marrero's, 1 being appealed due to unruly infield fly rule ruling.During the night of July 4, Lee began to retreat southward while storm clouds deluged the country with rain.Black's 5-run rally put a scare into White, but in the end had to admit that each game against White this fall had been frightening; while the champs ended the season feeling like trick or discount hotel breaks treaters w/ a bag full of candy (so why, the.Dec 1stNov 7, 2017 In honor of Veterans Day we will have a little get together after the game on Friday Nov 10th to salute the many Veterans that play softball in our league.February 19 - Well we've got some pennant races folks with two nailbiters in the Pinch a Penny, Rental World match-up, a DH sweep by Koffee Kup.Games that he organized against Puerto Rico.Shields, sensitive and proud, boiled with indignation.Criticism is dangerous, because it wounds a person's precious pride, hurts his sense fastest way to get amazon gift cards of importance, and arouses resentment.

In extras Aurora scored 2 in top of 8th only to see Marrero's rally for 3 a 10-9 win, followed in game 2 by Aurora's 'last licks' turnabout scoring 3 of their own for a 9-8 victory with a 2 out, 2 run Oscar.But with winning run on 2nd Aurora's good karma took over as Orlando lined 2 scorchers into the net to send the 6-6 tie to extras after which a single run in the 8th by streaking Aurora ended Allstates' 2nd game win streak.Please try to attend.Adding to my confusion was Nick's who in game 1 tarnished those shiny Pennies 13-7 but didn't use that feat to defeat Rental World.Check back in the future for additional information.If you could not safely attack Lee last Monday, how can you possibly do so south of the river, when you can take with you very few no more than two-thirds of the force you then had in hand?Spaces are limited, the cost is 20 payable at the park on Wednesday or Friday.Anything is possible in these 2018 playoffs.

Wednesday's game will be blue vs RED, be on time.
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