8mm rem mag vs 338 win mag

Magnets hold the cheek piece in place, eliminating the need to readjust between cleanings.
Bullet muzzle energy: 2,704 Foot Pounds.
Bore Groove Diameter -.264".With elk in the mix, my opinion is go with the bigger of the two choices.Join Date: Jan 2005, location: Colorado/Pennsylvania, posts: 2,588.Password, go to Page.Primer tsg discount sales Type - Magnum.Had you said deer only, flip a coin.I still have my 7mm, and my most used hunting load are Nosler 160gn accubonds at about 3000fps, and with those numbers, I can set my 100yd.o.i.
I am a spoiled rotten gunnut now, but truth be known I could hunt everything from Varmits to all of the NA game if I had to with a 223 300WM or by adding only a 416 all animals in the World, with the 223.
I have killed lots of deer and a few elk and to this day i have yet to remember the recoil because of the adrenaline.

To accurately calculate ballistics for your rifle with ballistics programs you need to measure your rifles scope mounted height.One thing from what I have scene with both these caliber is ya better use a heavy so you just gonna bring me a birthday gift cake constructed bullet.Deer Size Game: Such As, Antelope, Blacktail Deer, Hogs, Javelina, Mule Deer And Whitetail Deer.# 13, 06:50 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: May 2004 Location: Owego, NY - USA Posts: 3,509 I owned both at one time.Posts: 405 I started as with a 30-06 as my rifle for a good while as a pup.Also what are the pros, and cons for each?Both the.30 and.284 calibers have outstanding bullet selection, with the.308 caliber coming out a bit ahead.A customized rifle with.5 heavy varmint or 5 bull contour, two barrel selections in gun barrel quality steel, Stainless, or Chrome Moly, available with fluting and/or bluing for the barrel, multiple barrel lengths, with a single shot receiver in stainless steel, dozens.First: Properly mount your riflescope.I find I can easily sneak closer than that distance, being in western and eastern washington.See, that's why I said you should never own both.
Cartridge: Bullet Diameter -.264".
264 Winchester Magnum: The.264 Winchester Magnum was one of a series of short belted magnum rifle cartridges developed by Winchester, it was officially introduced to the public in 1959 by Winchester featured in their model 70 Westerner bolt action rifle.

Oh, the humanity of it!
Bullet weight: 120 Grains.
Rifle cartridge manufacturer: Nosler.